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August 19th, 2018, 9:02 am #1

Hi guys, I've started streaming my let's plays live on twitch, and then uploading the higher quality recordings of the stream to youtube. I've found I prefer streaming to pre-recording and uploading.

So, although I'm not getting many viewers, I don't care too much. I just enjoy doing these, it's a bit of fun and it's casual. I'll keep making them, won't be stopping anytime soon. I would love to share the fun with you guys, so if you care to join me, please follow me on twitch. If not, fair enough. :D

Unfortunately, I am not on any sort of regular schedule as of yet, which is why I suggest to follow my twitch channel and pop in if you happen to see me streaming, I will also try to update this thread when I'm streaming as well. Eventually I will be able to stream on a schedule, but til that time comes, enjoy my Random, Casual, Un-regular streaming! ;)

Random's Twitch Livestream

Next I am thinking of streaming Conker's Bad Fur Day(Nintendo 64). Haven't played that game for quite some time. Should be fun.

The games I stream can eventually be found on my youtube channel, when I get around to uploading them (Random's Youtube Channel)

Games I've streamed so far:
Donkey Kong Country 2
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