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Dunno if folks are aware of this little online utility, but there is a site called "Have I Been Pwned?" that lets folks check the Web to see if personal information across various websites tied to a specific email account or username has been compromised by data breaches. If you want to check it out, you may see for yourself by clicking the following link:

Have I Been Pwned?

While this is a pretty useful tool, all security tools should be used in tandem with basic safe practices for surfing the web. This includes (but is not limited to) regularly changing your passwords, making your passwords lengthy and complex, exercising caution with where and when you disclose personal info, using competent security software/doing regular scans for malicious software, and using 2-step verification when possible. I'm not an authority regarding online security, and so I won't go into greater detail on everything you should do to keep your personal info secure while online. You can learn more about online security by doing your own research and being responsible.

This website tool is provided "as-is" by the site's owner for anyone who wishes to use it. It's entirely free, but is not meant to supplant your capacity to keep your info secure while online. That said, it is a nice way to check if personal info tied to online accounts is no longer secure.

Use it as you wish...'cause I don't care. ;)
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