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//About this stream

I'll be streaming mostly Tekken, but sometimes I'll stream other games I'm currently playing. Most of the players in the Tekken Community know that I only play with Ling Xiaoyu (and Miharu). I don't know what it is about her, but she just stuck with me. Now that T7 is out, I'm also experimenting with Yoshiitsu and Eliza (though not as often as I should). This stream isn't really about me showing off my skills so much as it is giving other players on my stream the limelight to show off what they're made of. In fact oftentimes, I'm on the losing end to these guys. I'm never discouraged though cause its all fun and games.



./Sundays - Tuesdays

./Main Stream
-FinalBoss Theatre/Jukebox: Between 5 -10 pm Sun - Tues

-Retro Sunday morning: Between 8 am - 12 pm
-Local artist Jukebox (Pittsburgh shoutouts): Sundays 5-7 pm
-Simulcast Mondays: Times may vary (Depends who is on at the time.)
-Anime Tuesdays: 12 pm - 10 pm
-Special Simulcasts: For national, web and local tournaments.
-Giveaway streams: Random (no giveaway streams until the donation bank reaches the minumum reward payout of $20.)

*Exact times vary, but it will always be according to U.S EST


//Other Details


-Tekken 7
-Tales of Xillia
-Nier: automata
-Uncharted 4
-Guilty Gear Xrd
-Star Ocean 4 &5

./System specs:

-CPU: Intel i7 (6 cores)
-GPU: Geforce 780
-Mobo: Rampage Black Edition
-Ram: 64 Gb
-OS: Win 10


//Regulars + Donors

Regulars of the stream get special priveleges which will grow as I think of them. So far there are only three:

1.Control over the jukebox playlist (If you want to add new songs, you must be a donator. Other than that you can skip to the next song up to two times every 30 minutes. If you try to add a new song, I'll delete it unfortunately. So just don't try it without permission.)

2.Special chatroom access (The giveaway chatroom is the only locked room, and that is for donors.)

Free Advertising: I will allow you to put up links to your channel/website if you so desire. Just don't go ham and post it every 15 seconds. The rule of thumb is to do it every 30 minutes of stream time. If you donate, I'll even make a bot advertise for you.
How to become a regular:

-[Follow the channel (yes, it's that simple)

People who are my friend have already been put on the list. If you are my friend or already a follower, but don't see your name on the list, then give me a whisper (not on the main chat cause I get shy easily....). I got over 162 followers, but many of them are now inactive. So I have no idea who is or isn't active that I missed.

//Giveaways & Money matches

Once a month, I'll be giving away cash via paypal. Only Donators can participate in the giveaway. Join the #giveaway chatroom on the day of the giveaway for your chance to win.


25% of earnings from donations

./Final Boss Points Bonus

Those who regularly tune in accumulate final boss points (FB) overtime. Unlike the previous system, FB now is equivalent to US cash. To be precise, 1 FB = 1 cent (poor economy). That may not seem like much, but it accumulates the longer you watch the stream. This all means that in addition to getting a chance win 25% of the donations, you also get to cash in up to 500 FBP as a bonus for watching on a regular basis. Let's do the math, let's say you donated and have a chance to enter a giveaway. In addition, you have well over 500 FBP. The bank is at $100. If you win the giveaway, then you make $30 ((25% of 100) + 5 = 30). Now, when I get a good amount of donors, I will continue to raise the cap of how much FB you can cash in on giveaways, but for now, you have to make due with 500.

Command: !FBP

Good luck and thank you.

./Special Giveaways

On holidays such as Christmas and my Birthday, i'll host an open giveaway where everyone enter for their chance to win some money. Each holiday offers $100.

(*Note: FBP cannot be used in special giveaways)

-Birthday: 8/13

./More about money matches

I play tekken for money on the earnings i get go towards the donation bank. If you want to challenge me, then hit me up on that site and we can make arrangements. For people I never fought before, the minumum amount of money I accept is $5. This is because I don't know what your connection speed is or how far you are from me. I disregard skill level, but if you are difficult to beat, then the minimum I would fight you for is $10. If you're too easy, then $2 for a rematch. Normal difficulty (as in, we're evenly matched) is $20 for a rematch.

./More about Multicasting

If I know you well enough, I will automatically add you to my list of ppl to simulcast on a regular and even non streaming day. However, if I don't know you, and you want me to simulcast your channel, then all you gotta do is donate and leave a note saying you want to be entered into a regularly fit schedule.

//Stream Link | #lv99wonthelpyou
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Adding a new addition to the regular schedule, more on that soon. Check it out this coming Saturday night 11PM EST

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