Can I post my Music here?

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Hello everyone. I love music and I used to play musical instruments since I was 2 years old. I learnt music by myself without any external teachers. Now I know to play more than 6 instruments. Music is my ambition and gaming is my hobby. Since I joined here I thought of why not show some my music to my friends over here as I have no friends much to show them.

I used to play video game's theme music in my casio keyboard . Now recently composed a Medley of Zelda ocarina of time in my style and also done some animations of my own along with music. Later I composed another one for Elder scrolls Morrowind.

My honorable Mods! If you allow me to post them I will be glad . If you are interested with my idea of this, please let me know and also please tell me in which section I can post this.

Thank you.

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Greetings Alucard700,

Sharing your music should be fine so long as it is done in the Creativity Corner. We ask that you make your own topic within the Creativity Corner where you can organize and display your music.

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