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Hey everyone!

I'm Lurky, a 27 year old german gamer, who just moved to New Zealand. Before I had lived in Ireland for 6 years, however my American girlfriend found work in New Zealand, so we were like 'Sure, let's move to the most beautiful country on Earth'. I have a bit of a bias in this matter, as I've backpacked through NZ before moving to Ireland. So, you can tell that the english language has entirely taken over my life.

My life has always been dedicated to Video Games and I even made it a career. For 6 years I worked in a Gaming company in Ireland in roles such as Customer Service, Communication and in the end as Scrum Master, a form of Project Management. However, I am letting that career rest, while I help my girlfriend start out her own in Veterinary and attempt to follow my own dreams.
I always loved Let's Plays and I also enjoy public speaking, so I recently decided to combine the two and start my own Youtube channel for Gaming Let's Plays. My ultimate goal however is to publish books and stories about a Fantasy world I've created over the past 7 years and even already played some Pen&Paper campaigns with my Dublin friends. We are currently looking for ways to play online.

I just love Storytelling and have a lively interest in History and Mythology, so naturally I enjoy story-driven games like RPGs.
Outside the Gaming world I've always enjoyed playing football (soccer for the American in here) and am currently for a casual Team in my new hometown in NZ. Together with my girlfriend we love watching Movies and Shows, Hiking and exploring new Places (in reallife most of the time).

My favourite movies have to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Those movies absolutely shaped my life and got me into Gaming in the first place through The Lord of the Rings Online, where I ended up leading a Guild and even participating in some World First Kills of Bosses in new Expansions.

In terms of how I found this community, I'll be honest with you guys. Even though Youtube is a hobby for me at the moment, I found a Post on this Forum after Googling for options to Promote my channel. I would love to create a little community of like-minded Gamers and felt like this could be a great place to start. I aim to integrate in this community, even though my prime in terms of forum activity is long over. I will do my best to add value folks and if I can eventually get some good Feedback and hey, maybe even Friendships out of it, then hell let's do it!

I'm ready. Let's talk, people! ...or write. Post. Type!

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Welcome to LPS! It's nice to have folks add to our pool of gamers. We're a fairly quiet forum for the most part, but it's nice to see the drive for community in another kindred LPer. We're happy to have you here, so feel free to settle in.

I hope you enjoy your stay in our little corner of the web. ^_^
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Welcome to the forum. I'm always looking to expand my rpg game library. Got any recommendations?
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Hah, that's difficult without knowing your history! :)

Generally speaking my favourite Series are the following:
- The Elder Scrolls
- The Witcher
- Dragon Age
- Banner Saga

Recently Assassin's Creed in joining the Genre more and more. Origins started with more focus on RPG and Odyssey coming out on October 5th offers player choice and more.

Assuming you know of these very well, we'd have to get more specific :D
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