History: Era 4

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ERA 4 – The Phoenix Reborn!
Yon started discussing how much she missed -LR- and Das had already long made it clear that he would be up for a revival of the clan one day. On top of that Cow had mentioned during one of their meetings about Ljap’s leadership that he may come back to play for the summer of 2011. Everything was just speculation at that point, but there was a decent prospect of rebirth on the horizon. Finally Yon couldn't sit still anymore, and dragged a willing Das to help rebuild the clan with her. They left Entity and returned to -LR- inviting a few new friends. Cow eventually found out and decided he'd like to take part. There was Yon, Das and Cow together in -LR- chatbox ready to make a fresh start. The unthinkable had taken place. Really and truly they knew most of their -LR- family had moved on elsewhere or long retired from the game, but in that moment everything felt so great, so surreal. It was as though all they needed was each other and the rest would somehow work itself out. Josae, E5 and Baki also returned to the fold soon after.

ERA 4::Part_2:: – Drama Rebirth// A Difficult Revival
-LR- had a large name to live up to and luckily all hadn't been tarnished in the Ljap_db era. Das and Yon, now both very famous for the positions as GM's and in-game prowess, were able to draw the attention of the entire N-B community as they embarked upon their decision to revive the phoenix, -LR-. They got the clan and it's chatbox quickly active again and got a flock of N-B whore typed recruits to join within the first three days. Cow had began showing up often again but wasn't around enough to contribute productively to the clan's leadership, and like Das had done in the past with Salman, Cow probably complicated a very delicate situation for Das and Yon by critiquing all their decisions.

ERA 4::Part_3:: – Failure Not An Option// Old Scores Settled
All three leaders stood united in fury by the latest events to occur with the captains. For the first time in a long time Cow felt like part of the 'team" again with Das and Yon and was beginning to repent for having put them under more pressure without fully understanding their side of the story in a lot of the issues that were causing tension. Through all this chaos the bond somehow kept them all there and the confidence that the two sides had supposedly lost in each other came shooting straight back to the surface when it came time to defend the interests of the clan. This is the moment where Cow takes the decision to start back leading full time in -LR- side by side with his two comrades Das and Yon. All the time Cow had been spending criticizing he started putting it towards making things happen. Cow finally relearned the game and got his laddering back into a condition almost as good as in his past. Das and Yon's ingame skills were still pristine. Cow got -LR- into wars so we wouldn't have to enter next SC in such an unprepared state again and started hosting giant tournaments ranging all the way up to 64-man on boards so that people would know -LR- is back and that we mean business. Cow got straight onto recruiting old allies like Selena666 who were then homeless figuratively speaking. At the same time Das and Yon recruited and fostered some new era members who began to blossom. Notably, Ahmedinho4bh became a pro streaker, and Rao2121's wisdom has gained him the respect of the entire community. Saishippuden has also been a great new addition who is very active on boards and an all-rounded player. In the space of a few weeks -LR- went from "-Drama Rebirth-" to -Legends Rebirth-. The caliber of our applicants shot right back up, forcing us practically to reject 95% of the players who now apply to our clan. Most recently as a show of faith in the new era members who we trust this time are in it for real, Cow, Das, and Yon appointed ahmedinho4bh and Rao2121 to captaincy.

ERA 4::Part_3:: – Divine Legends // Merge Makes Energy!
Khenjiz0r shortly joined at this point, progressively becoming LR's top GFXer alongside ScorpioShay. They both were commended then with captain positions, Shay receiving hers shortly after Khen. Eventually, the feuds returned, and in a bitter argument between Cow and Das, Das left to join Nijyuu Shoutai. Yon was disheartened, and the xat reacted immediately to the loss of a prominent active clan leader. The flame that had burned so brightly, began to wither. It was at this time, in a split day decision that Cow began pushing -LR-'s prominent ally Divine Integrity for a clan merge with us. Yon came on to people asking about it and Cow looking for her opinion. Yon was hesitant about a merge, often they did not go successfully and especially this quickly. She knew liked Dvi though and agreed, but that they should get the members comfortable with each other first The merge was done more slowly that Cow had desired and too quickly for Yon still, but eventually the merge occurred successfully. Since Das still kept up with clan affairs, especially courtesy of Yon, he delivered his thoughts on the matter. He was also hesitant as Yon was, but gave Shiz his speech of what an CL of -LR- is with all his expectations. Including his loyalty and gave his stamp of approval in the end. -LR- or Divine Legends, quickly became active, lively and strong with their friends from Dvi. Once Dvi had become a part of -LR- and Kingshiz01 made a CL, Yon could no longer let go of them. Quickly she became an adamant speaker and supporter of the merge. She became very attached to Dvi and supportive of Kingshiz01 as a joint CL of -LR-.

During this time Cow became frustrated with Shiz, Yon, and others over small things. Every time he took it upon himself to leave the clan and comeback to the aggravation of his clan members. Due to this constant behavior, most members lost any respect they were beginning to grow for him. Avs77, one of our best and most seemingly loyal members Cow had recruited at the time could no longer take Cow's behavior and left because it was being tolerated. Cow was let back in every time as a CL. As to be expected. The aggravation was brewing, and finally things exploded.

ERA 4::Part_4:: – Divine Merge Breaks// The Merge Dissolves
It was months later, after a very successful and happy Divine Legends, that Cow finally brought up a conversation about religion with Shiz. Shiz was extremely insulted. The next day the conversation between them was stilling going on. It was very hostile and Shiz let Yon know of his aggravation. She immediately pced Cow to chastise him about bringing religion into Naruto-Arena and told him to apologize. He refused and insisted Shiz was ignorant. Angered and frustrated at the situation Yon sought to remedy the situation between the two. She spoke with both of them, Das eventually jumped in as well. Eventually Shiz conceded and apologized to Cow, but Cow pointed his apology out as fake and continued. Eventually things did seemingly settle.

They did not.

Instead Cow posted an image on main for all of -LR- to see insulting their prophet as a joke. Immediately, -LR- went up in rage, more so the Dvi portion because of their religion and the LR portion because of their loss of respect for him. Cow refused to back down, and Shiz pced Yon that he could no longer take it, that he tried, but he could not sit here and be insulted like this. Yon struggled, as she could not just throw cow out, instead Dvi took their leave. Already part of the Dvi portion had left and had told Shiz to rejoin them, to lead them. Shiz eventually consented, apologized to Yon and went on his way. Hesh, a friend and leader Yon regarded closely stayed however. Unfortunately within time he returned to Dvi as well, apologizing to Yon. Cow pointed out that the merge had been bound to fail anyway, but Yon disagreed.

ERA 4::Part_5:: – Legends Abandoned // Cow Stomps Out
Yon was left with a broken clan and her love for Dvi left her bitter that Cow could not put something so stupid aside for the benefit of the clan. Very shortly after, when -LR- was left dismal and inactive, Cow expressed on main that he was leaving the clan again. -LR- erupted in rage for Cow having destroyed the merge and now also leaving them to deal with the remnants. Yon exploded as well, but in a desperate attempt to change his mind about leaving again said: "If you leave this time you will not be able to rejoin. I will not invite you back."

Cow remarked: "That's the smartest thing you've said."

He chose to abandon the clan and his clan leadership that day, later joining one of -LR-'s rivals AOP. His leaving was a slap in the face to many LRians, and they expressed little sadness of his leaving. Instead they expressed anger, and Cow became the brunt of jokes for a short time. No one followed him, and most respect for him had been lost.

Yon was then left with what remained, a broken clan. After having lost the Divine Legends merge, she had also been abandoned by the bringer of its loss. Angered, but determined, she remained loyal to the inactive clan, despite Das asking her to join Nijyuu Shoutai with him. Das caved into her determination to stay and decided to leave NS, despite how fond of it he was, to help Yon out. This is where the new era begins.