History: Era 2

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History: Era 2

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ERA 2 – The Conflict of -LR- // Clash!
With the union of Cow and Yon, the improvement of everything in -LR- was immediate. Josae's gfx was becoming godlier but there were few others to help him in that domain. Yon teamed up with him to improve that aspect of -LR- and Cow around that time peaked at +52.

Despite the absence of Harito, new tensions eventually crept in. A dark atmosphere was looming over the clan as the two clan leaders lost confidence in each other. Since both clan leaders were complete opposites and lead together, the slightest little thing could kick up an all out feud between the two. This continued getting worse and the members started choosing sides. Cow wouldn't throw out Yon as he'd vowed not to lead that way. Throwing Harito out had already cost him great effort and Yon isn’t a bad person, but rather just stubborn in the same way Cow himself is. She also opted not to leave and to weather the eternal storm. Both of course had deep connections with the other leader-captain Josae, and by then and all the other members. The clan was equally theirs. It seemed like no solution was in sight.

However, Mad and Yon put aside their differences in the end and compromised for the better of the clan.

ERA 2::Part_ 2:: – The Emo of -LR- // DasakeUchiha Takes Rise
Sinful did manage to make his clan into a decent success after Cow's departure for a while but due to life's circumstances he could no longer lead. He tried in this moment to appoint new Clan Leaders. One left sitting alone in true emo style was none other than, DasakeUchiha.

Das was Sinful's hidden gem. A noob Sinful had discovered at the Akatsuki rank who he recruited and took under his wing to train. Das, possibly the greatest streaker to ever grace the channels of cyberspace, displayed his talent by breaking his +13 streak and going straight to +40. This was a true genius of streaking that Sinful had gotten his hands on. To Das, Sinful is his Naruto-Arena father and mentor and will always hold a special place in his heart.

Sinful disappeared mysteriously for around a month and had not left clear instructions to his clan on what to do, nor had he explained why he'd gone or where he'd gone to. Everyone was disappearing one by one from SiN. Das was invited to come visit the -LR- chatbox instead of sitting in SiN's chatbox all day alone. Das instantly bonded with everyone from Yondaime to Josae and all the other veterans of -LR-. As more time continued passing and Sinful never returned, Das and T-bone became the two last men left standing in SiN.

Das being quite clever himself knew that Cow was eventually going to try to recruit him. However, Das's loyalty to SiN was strong and when Cow finally made the proposal for the first time, Das refused. The second time Cow proposed, Das gave an ultimatum that he would wait one more week for Sinful to return, then he would finally give in and join.

As fate would have it, Sinful didn't return. DasakeUchiha finally joined the ranks of -LR- much to the delight of everyone in the clan. Even though he was just a member at first, he commanded much respect easily from everyone around him. Yon and Das became extremely close and developed a very special relationship exceeding the boundaries normally attainable through an online friendship. Das was the rising star of -LR- and quickly rose the ranks. Cow was aware that Das was at the level of skill and intelligence needed to be his 3rd "sannin" but was very wary of being trapped in a 3-way leadership where he was the outsider, the Orochimaru so to speak.

Yon pushed heavily for all of Das' promotions through each rank, while Cow agreed his reaching the top was inevitable but tried to slow down the process as much as possible. Cow though, would never make the same mistake that Sinful made by not appointing someone who has worked relentlessly to the position they deserve. It was clear that Das was the 3rd link to the Trinity of -LR- and some of the members already looked up to him the way they did to Cow and Yon. Das was promoted to Clan Leader. With three amazing leaders, all competent of leading a clan successfully alone under the same roof, it was clear from that moment on that only great things would be in store for the clan.

ERA 2::Part_ 3:: – The Decline and New Rise // The Split Creates New Challenge
-LR- had for a long time prized itself on the loyalty of its inner circle. We had stormed our way to the upper end of the ladder and our name was becoming known all over the larger community. One could say we were from then on a top clan, and of all the top clans in N-A, -LR- inner circle had seen the fewest changes in its leaders and captains line up. This was all about to change. xweaponx had been for a long time intensely disliked by a lot of the members and Cow's support was his main anchor for remaining in the clan. Cow's response to anyone who complained about it was quite simply "he's gaining a shitload of exp". Jozy was the clan's new rising star, a role which Tim0258 had thought was his. Envy set in. Tim0258 decided he would go make his own clan as a result and he took advantage of the fact that xweaponx was disliked by many to convince him to come along as well. -LR- was left gravely wounded as two of their strongest captains in terms of streaking had departed to start a clan called -Equilibrium-, which is technically the first of two break-off sub-clans from -LR- and the only one that still exists.

-LR-'s dominance in ladder had slowed down significantly as a result of the departed captains. In addition Josae entered retirement and was no where to be seen for almost a year. Their entire captain force had collapsed as Jozy was about to be given the rank of leader leaving Baki as the only remaining. Even though -LR- had slowed down streaking progress, they had started to dominate in other areas that were new to them. Jozy shone brightly becoming known as one of the best pb players in the entirety of N-A by placing 3rd in two very large tournaments, one of which was thrown by -LR- called Legends New Year Bash. We threw the biggest tournament ever held in N-A (at that point in time). Also the nature of -LR- members started to change due to increased influence from Das and Yon and a slight change of perspective from Cow who saw how TFU rep was being trashed despite having the strongest players. Before the clan was mainly focused on winning, but at this point emphasis was placed more on N-B popularity and internal community building. The clan diversified and grew in a whole new way that no one had foreseen. Dominating not just in ladder, but for the first time in all fields by which a clan may be judged. Please note all of this took place without mods or famous people (back then we weren't famous). -LR- is no mod clan who started off blessed with the most famous or most skilled players of N-A. At this point of time, -LR- was still being scorned by many N-B whores and mods for being an uncivilized in-gaming clan. -LR- in this era was the fruit of blood, sweat, and tears.

ERA 2::Part_ 4:: – The Fall // Inactivity Arises
Yondaime got chosen as a moderator which was a great thing but reduced the amount of time she could devote to the clan. On the other hand Cow disappeared for a bit and so Das was appointed as the main clan leader. Jozy was appointed as Das' 2nd in command. -LR- is such a big demanding clan that Das ended up taking a ridiculous amount of pressure leading it alone. To make things worse, Jozy was useless as a 2nd in command. While Jozy was great for reputation and wars, he barely lifted a finger to help with the clan’s management. To make things worse resentment between Das and Jozy started to develop. Jozy no longer felt inspired to do anything because he was constantly fighting with Das. Jozy eventually left to join EA. The only thing at risk here was our reputation because many had a deluded idea that we would fail without Jozy.