The Crescent Isle

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Capitol: Midnight
Ruler: The Pirate King
Imports: Everything
Exports: Black market/smuggled goods, slaves, luxury items, precious gems and metals.
Location: Southeastern Shiver Seas
Primary Terrain: Mountains and tropical forest
Climate: Tropically warm year round with regular rainfall. Only northern mountain range is ever cold at higher altitudes.

Points of Interest:

The Capitol of Midnight - The true place of power for the Midnight Fleet and its Pirate King. Midnight was established long before The Pirate King took control, but it was always a haven for pirates and criminals. While the city is full of criminals it is surprisingly kept in good order, with murder and other crimes rare due to the place being "neutral ground" for people from all walks of life. This is a place for criminals to rest, make deals, keep their ill-gotten gains, and most of all to glory in the power of a Criminal Empire, with the Midnight Fleet as its great protector. Midnight is full to the brim with taverns, inns, merchant shops and all manner of businesses, legal or otherwise. Despite a dark heart Midnight is beautiful, built from the stones of the mountain and bathed in the beauty of tropical vegetation and exotic architecture. Because it is the seat of power for The Pirate King's criminal empire and the Midnight Fleet it is well fortified and guarded. Equipped with the best docks and shipyards outside of Evora, Midnight is the envy of its Southern peers.

Sin's Retreat - Sin's Retreat is one of the strongest fortresses in Southern Laera, and is even one of the oldest. In order to gain control of the Crescent Isle The Pirate King had to use every ounce of guile and magical power he had at his disposal to take it over. Since taking control he has taken steps to improve the stronghold's fortifications, even going so far as to place various enchantments upon it. Any would be assassin is likely to be killed by guards or magical traps, and anyone that steps foot in the fortress can feel the power inside it. More than a fortress and headquarters for the Midnight Fleet, Sin's Retreat is also home to one of the biggest vaults in southern Laera. Some people speculate and others boast that deep within the Retreat there is a fault containing a true mountain of gold, silver, jewels and other precious items. Whether this is true or not is unknown, but it does indeed hold untold amounts of gathered wealth. Sin's Retreat is also one home of many pirates and thus all manner of sinful deeds can be committed in the utmost luxury of certain areas in the keep.

Ravana - A city of complete and utter luxury. Ravana is an attempt by the original Islanders to create a vacation spot so rich with luxury, art, and all things pleasant that it would be the most wonderful place to live. For the most part Ravana is a success. With the arrival of The Pirate King Ravana has changed very little. In fact, the only additions the Pirate King made were some smuggling operations, greater fortifications and protection for the city, a large beach side villa for himself, and an increase in population and infrastructure growth. Ravana is the most peaceful, beautiful, and relaxing place in the Crescent Isles. Fine foods, exceptional beaches, and more make Ravana an ideal resort and vacation city, as well as a pleasant place to make port before heading to Midnight. Every Pirate Lord/Lady also has a villa of their own in Ravana.

Seipyn's Wrath - Three of the tallest mountains in the southern regions of Laera are found on the Crescent Isle, and they are known as Seipyn's Wrath. Legend has it that Seipyn did battle with Chaos over control of the island and surrounding seas when it first took shape. It is said that during the battle Seipyn's trident struck the earth and created three enormous mountains that wounded Chaos and forced him to leave. These peaks remain to this day beginning the long line of mountains that span the entire northern coastline, with the three peaks right at the curve of the Island that gives the Crescent Isle its name. These peaks and adjoining mountain range make it impossible for anyone to attack Midnight from the north, forcing them to go around either end of the island before being able to reach the Capitol. These mountains are also the source of all the precious metals and gems that come out of Midnight and indeed the whole of the Crescent Isle.

The Crescent Isle was first discovered thousands of years ago by explorers from Rudaia. These explorers first established Midnight in the hopes of spreading Rudaias influence beyond its original borders. However, these explorers and their allies eventually decided to make their own kingdom, beginning with building Sin's Retreat as it is now called, though the stronghold's original name has been lost to time. These explorers became pirates, raiding various shores and welcoming other bands to join them as they pleased.

One group of these explorers didn't turn to piracy. Instead they formed the resort city of Ravana where everyone was welcome and true neutral ground was established. The cities learned to coexist over time, and both eventually prospered as the years went by.centuries, even thousands of years passed, bringing some quite fame to both settlements, though primarily to Midnight and its place as a haven for all criminals.

More and more time passed, power changing hands dozens of times until finally The Pirate King arrived to establish his criminal empire and the Midnight Fleet. Battles were waged but The Pirate King's swift victory was inevitable. He took control of the entire Crescent Isle and proclaimed himself Pirate King of the Shiver Sea. With his guidance power more and more pirates and criminals joined the Midnight Fleet becoming a force to be reckoned with.

To distribute power and keep order The Pirate King named ten powerful and influential members of the Midnight Fleet as the Lords and Ladies of Midnight. Each has a specialty, each a place among the fleet and equal power to match their importance. To join these pirates one simply needs. To find them and strike a deal to join them. Most often these deals include proving your worth, sometimes requiring one's own ship to command, though powerful individuals or intriguing people are welcome to join the ranks at will as well. With shipyards to expand and improve the fleet with the finest artisans, engineers, and mages ready to help the midnight Fleet has become a true power among the seas, and The Crescent Isle has never been more prosperous.

Currently Rudaia lies under the control of The Pirate King and his Midnight Fleet.