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Raven Cathain
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Name: Raven Cathain: cath(as in catherine) ain(as in vain)

Nickname: The Enchantress

Age: 1,000

Lifespan: 6,000(Both Blood and Eilaer extensions have already been performed on her)

Race: Half Siren(Natural Born Race)/Half Dragon(Blood Extension Given Race)

Gender: Female

•Freelance Battle-Mage
•Kuvaron Mistress
•Traveling Enchantress
•Honorary Gray Sister of the Towers

Nationality: Aydinian(eye-den-ian); claims to be Estraean

Sentinels of Sanctuary
•Syrena: Goddess of the Ocean, Sea & Horses
•Selene: Goddess of the Night, Moon & Stars

Languages: (Besides common)
• Elvish(All forms and dialects)
• Mermaidian
• Draconic(All forms and dialects)
• Dwarvish
• Demonic
• Rhine(The language of Aydinans)
•Sign language

Appearance: (Play-by: Megan Fox)
Temptations come in various forms yet there are none that quite compare to the exquisite Siren known as Raven Cathain. This rare, enchanting beauty is indeed a beguiling creature capable of inspiring the most pious of souls into desiring the most sinful of pleasures with nothing more than a simple glance in their direction. She has shiny, thick, long luscious locks of black hair that falls in soft curls all the way down to her hips. As for her eyes, they are an average almond shape; these deeply seductive and mysterious orbs are a rare yet lovely shade of amethyst that almost put the goddesses to shame. Her face is a pleasing round shape with high, defined cheekbones, a soft jawline and a small, delicate chin in which is blemish/scar free possessing a silky smooth feel and a lovely youthful glow. Raven also has small, well rounded, shapely eyebrows that sit just above her eyes. As for her nose, it is average sized and unassuming but her mouth,... Such a pair of enticing rose pink lips that are so full, soft, wet and luscious they practically beg to be kissed and always seem on the verge of a knowing smile.

Raven's skin is a warm, sun kissed golden hue that is incredibly well taken care of and therefore is quite silky smooth. But most impressive is perhaps that she also possesses a toned, muscled and fit body that has impressively fast reflexes but one that is also capable of bending and twisting in remarkable ways. As for her curves, they are perfectly balanced with large bountiful breasts, a small toned waist and sinfully shaped hips. This femme fatale could entice even the strong willed into committing devious acts of the flesh with a mere swing of her hips, an inviting smile and a flirtatious wink. As one of her admirers once put it: With long, thick black curls, dazzling amethyst eyes, full, soft pink, petal lips, silky smooth, sun-kissed skin, a sweet, seductive voice and ravishing, lustful curves; Raven is the very embodiment of lustful desire and as such shall have the entire world at her delicious mercy.

Her wardrobe only ever emphasizes the gifts she's been given and leaves just enough to the imagination to tease those around her. It consists of refined, expensive fashions and fabrics in shades of every color. Jewelry, corsets, layered skirts, undergarments, nightgowns, swimwear, cloaks, gloves, shoes, shawls, shirts, skirts, pants, shorts, capris and gowns line her rather impressively large walk-in closet. Her body is not scarred, tattooed or blemished. She stands at 5'9" and weighs 125lbs.

Personality: Raven is a strong willed, self assured, determined, firm, ambitious, fierce, passionate, confident and wise woman. She is the type of person who has the inner strength to propel herself to do anything she sets her mind to and doesn't let anyone/anything stand in her way. Her ambitions are high as she quests for knowledge in all things, to find lost and forgotten magic/magical objects, immortality without becoming undead and being remembered throughout the ages as a Legendary Enchantress. This beauty also has powerful leadership abilities, she can hush an arguing crowd with no more than a chilling glance and can empower people to call to arms with the masterful skills of her silver tongued words and melodic voice. She can also be an incredibly good listener and respectful to others, whom she deems worthy of her respect, otherwise don't count on her sparing someone of her, sometimes cold, honesty. Raven also has a refined, sophisticated manner in speaking as she is highly intelligent and very cunning; behaving more akin to a female of royal birth, upbringing and class unless in the bedroom, then she is a passionate temptress who leaves any lovers in an euphoric coma state for hours after she has finished with them. This is one powerful woman that always finds herself twenty steps ahead of her enemies and solving near unsolvable problems with her clever quick wits and calm demur. And in case all of that wasn't intimidating enough, Raven is a also a rather skilled fighter, one whom is quite formidable and it is best not to trifle with her on any level otherwise you will feel the wrath of a truly devastatingly powerful femme fatale!

[+] Spoiler
Raven was born in late Sprag within a small coastal village of Aydinrel(eye-den-reel) called Rajir(raw-jeer) to Nathir(nay-th-ear) and Melosa(mel-oh-saw) Cathain(Cath-ain). Her mother was a Siren that served as the High Priestess of Rajir and her father was a black dragon that served as the Captain of the Guard. They were both respected high born members of the village and therefore were quite wealthy, owning the largest, most luxurious estate within one hundred miles. Being Raven was their only child, she was lovingly doted upon and had every luxury available at her fingertips while being brought up more akin to a princess than a noblewoman. The only exception was the weapon training and physical workouts that her father would give to ensure his daughter would always be capable of looking after herself. And even when she was just a young girl was she remarked as being the most beautiful child within Rajir... Some even insisted she would grow up to be the most beautiful woman within Laera and become the most powerful as well.

[+] Spoiler
Hers was a happy, extravagantly lived childhood for many years until she was eleven and old enough to attend the Towers of Dorn. For seven years she studied within the Towers and was soon renown as the greatest, most impressive student of the Gray Order and accelerated through the ranks faster than any other mage before her ever had. By 19, Raven was promoted into the position of Gray Zulkier, the youngest ever to be given the position within recorded history. She would initiate some of the Towers best forms of security as well as reinstate the studies of older, abandoned forms of magic into the lessons of the students. It would also be during her time as Gray Zulkier that the acceptance of any age, sex, race, class, nationality or magical abilities into the Towers. She was a firm believer that everybody deserved to be taught how to control their magic regardless of status and she carried this through to the Fighting Academy so that anyone who desired it would at least have the basic ability to defend themselves against an attacker even if they had no magic at all. These new guidelines were wildly popular with the citizens of Dorn as well as the countless populaces of the other nations within Laera and due to this she would be regarded as the most beloved and forward thinking Zulkier to ever grace the Towers. Unfortunately for them, by 35, Raven had grown bored of her title, desiring so much more than what the Zulkier position could offer and therefore she would step down from the position handing it over to her Adviser and Pupil Zoran Terus.
[+] Spoiler
After leaving the Towers, Raven ventured to Tyrov and paid an exceptional sum of gold to the Warrior King to train her even further in weaponry, fighting styles, hand to hand combat, how to fight alone and with allies as well as in the art of movement and flexibility. Despite having mastered prowess in her elemental, esoteric and other magical abilities, Raven knew that she also needed to be capable of fighting without magic and still having the ability to hold her own against larger, stronger opponents. And though she was already rather skilled in this area while she was Gray Zulkier, she believed she could be even more proficient. After 15 years of training, she learned all she could from the Warrior King and so once again the young siren moved on, this time to Estraes in order to learn their well guarded secrets in medicine and tranquility. She would spend the next 100 years befriending the elves, mermaids and nymphs of the land and learning from them how to identify, grow and use the various plants and herbs of Laera. They also taught her how they created their magical barrier, their various languages, how to make some of their finest medicines and rejuvenating potions as well as how to meditate to find a perfect balance with the universe. After gaining all this impressive knowledge, Raven once again moved on still thirsting for even more.

Aedonia was next on her list for places to visit and learn from, here she joined the Dragon Riders where the young siren learned how to not only fight on top of a large, powerful mount but she would also learn Draconic and Dwarvish from two particular members of the unit she served with: Niklau(knee-claw) Silverborne(silver-born) and Baelfire(bail-fire) Ragtharm(rag-thram). The two men were a married couple that took her under their wing and looked after her while she served in the Riders. They each taught her their languages and in turn she taught them hers so that the trio, who had became fast friends, could speak to each other without the other riders knowing what they were saying. She learned the weak spots of a dragon's hide as well as the weaknesses of all the other races within existence until there was nothing more for her to gain from the position and would once again move on to learn even more.

[+] Spoiler
After another 50 years had passed, Raven was now 225 and her travels and various exploits would garner her the attention of Kuvaron, they were an Order that's main purpose was to recover the collective knowledge and any artifacts of the ancient Kuvaron Empire. One of the Masters sought her out and brought her before the council where it would ultimately be decided to initiate her as an apprentice under one of them. They tried to pass Raven off on a man named Kingly Mathias but she insisted on studying under a Master by the name of Alexei Felandris despite their many attempts to convince her otherwise. His wild magic fascinated her but so to did his age, for they were quite close together in that regard but perhaps it was their similar desires and ambitions that fueled her decision the most. Regardless, Alexei agreed to take her on as an apprentice and the two would become thick as thieves quite quickly, imparting their individual knowledge with one another as he taught Raven all there was to know about the Order and dragged her along on almost all of his missions. One such occasion was when they came across a Sidyuan village one day and decided to stay for a while and recuperate from their travels. A week into their stay, the village was attacked and the pair were forced to fight the incoming forces. Alexei directed his magic, both controlled and wild, to the advantage of the village up until the end while Raven used her abilities to attempt to shield it and the villagers from any magical attacks but despite their best efforts, Alexei ended up wounded and near death while she herself was in a similarly poor shape. It would be then that Alexei would be confronted by a great dark blue dragon. In a moment of desperation Alexei plunged a spear through the mouth of the beast as it sought to devour him, and in doing so channeled his magic to steal its very essence, its life force, magic and soul in order to save both his and Raven's life. This sudden and forceful ritual ended up destroying the entire village and the attackers alike. All the remained was Alexei and Raven, though they were both changed. They had become half dragons with 1,000 years of extended life to look forward to... It hadn't been planned that way but they certainly weren't about to complain.

[+] Spoiler
The relationship between she and Alexei became quite intimate after that, happily sharing in the comfort of each other's arms but not exclusively for they both had a string of additional lovers on the side. One such of these lovers was named Mercedes and she would bear Alexei a child but the birth of his son Castien would cause his wild magic to overreact and kill the entire village in which the boy was born in, including his mother. It was a devastating blow for the man but he sought Raven's comfort to help him accept that the incident was not his fault as she also gave him a bit of guidance in raising the boy on his own.

When Castien was five, Raven and Alexei were working on a magic mirror that would be able to look into the past so they could use it to find lost magical artifacts but Alexei's wild magic would interfere with the power of the mirror and accidentally send the two back through time. They would become stranded there for quite some time and during this time continued to be rather intimate with each other, so much so the two would eventually get engaged. Well to make a long story short, nine months later they would welcome a son, Azriel, and decide to no longer attempt at performing a reversal spell for fear of how it might impact their child. Unfortunately, Suros would not allow them to stay behind and raise the boy for he feared they would alter events that were meant to be, so, instead he sent them back to their own time and made them forget everything that had happened but left their son behind and made another man believe he was the child of his recently departed wife. It would be after this event, which neither recall, that Alexei would become entangled with pirates which would somewhat alter their relationship into that of dear, close personal friends with occasional benefits but the subject of marriage or an exclusive relationship would be left in the dust with their forgotten memories. Once Raven became a Mistress of the Order, she and Alexei spent less time together and began to partake in their own adventures.
[+] Spoiler
One such adventure would be when Raven would cross paths with a half blood demon by the name of Dhia. The young girl didn't have a very strong control over her magic and suddenly she remembered one of the aspects she loved most when she served as Gray Zulkier: Teaching students. So with a determination to equip this half demon with the tools she needed to master her abilities, Raven took the girl under her wing and instructed her. She would become both mentor and friend to Dhia until the day the half demon had mastered her magic and the two would go their separate ways. After that, Raven would cross paths with a half Eilaer demon by the name of Lucien Thorne that she would have a brief romantic fling with in which he would extend her lifespan to please her but ultimately the two would part paths and Raven would never see him again.

A new mission within Sidyu would reunite her with Alexei Felandris and it wouldn't take long after they started spending time together that Raven would become pregnant. The two were overjoyed by the news and nine months later they would welcome a daughter into the world which they would call Terai. Together they cared, loved, mentored, trained and prepared their child for the dangers of Laera and how to fend for herself. For the next one hundred years Raven and Alexei would provide Terai with all the comforts, knowledge, gifts, etc they could conjure until the girl was well grown and capable of caring for herself. But to this day, Raven and her daughter still stay in constant contact, often dining together, assisting each other on missions and gossiping about men, mainly Nyron Aveas, a man that Terai fancies.
[+] Spoiler
Now Raven continues to serve the Order of Kuvaron as well as pursue her own agenda of obtaining knowledge and immortality. What the future holds for her is uncertain but one thing is for sure, Raven will undoubtedly be carving that path for herself on her determined journey of becoming a Legend!!

Weapon Abilities:

Martial: Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Krav Maga & Jiu-Jitsu
Blades: The Wailing Banshees: These are two fabric fans of a dark blue color with a black flower design attached to 5 sharp metal blades. These weapons can be folded up and used like short swords or unfolded and used like shields or ranged weapons. They are unbreakable, will never rust, rip, fray or dull and can only be used within Raven's hands. They can be used like boomerangs when thrown and will always return to her hands. They can pierce the hide of a dragon and most armor. They can also be used in a spinning technique that will blow her opponent back 2 feet and send them onto their back. But perhaps their most unique ability is that she can channel her Siren's Song into them so that when they are thrown, a shrieking wail will pierce the ears of anyone within her vicinity and cause them to go deaf for 2 hours as well as being completely unbalanced upon their feet.
((Link: http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g38/T ... mown9w.jpg))
Ranged Weapons: See Blades & Exotic Weapons as well as 2 daggers generally kept strapped to the sides of her boots or thighs.
Blunt Weapons: None
Exotic Weapons: Shaper: This weapon can be any type of weapon the user is in need of; it is generally carried as a small pin hooked at the side. Regardless of the type of weapon the user requires, it is just as strong and durable as any, of that particular weapon, in which it is made into. The weapon will always return to its user and if used as a bow or crossbow, always comes with an endless supply of any type of arrows the user desires.
Magical Weapons: See Blades

Magical Ability:

[+] Spoiler
Arcane Bolt: The caster can create/propel a bolt of energy that will cut the flesh of an enemy.
Awareness: The caster can sense the world around you; people, plants, animals, minerals, buildings and inanimate objects.
Seeker of Truth: The caster can sense when a person is lying to them and can force that person to speak the truth.
Listener: The caster can know what is on another person’s mind but only with intense focus.
Spirit Shield: The caster can create a spirit shield to block other elemental attacks.
Spirit Blockade: The caster can create impenetrable spirit walls.
Commune: The caster can commune safely with spirits beyond the grave.
Spirit Defense: The caster can create weapons out of spirit itself. (EX: spirit whip, spirit chakram, spirit spears, etc)
Spirit Whisper: The caster can send a message to a intended target across long distances simply by whispering the targets name followed by their message to a tombstone, mirror, serpent or toad and the target will hear it as if the subject were whispering the message within their ear.
Rise of the Undead: The caster can summon any recently departed(up to 1 year) corpses within a 5 mile radius to their aid.
Tongue Twister: The caster can make a target replace their intended words with completely unrelated/useless words for up to 3 hours.
Madness: The caster can drive a target mad for up to 3 hours.
Spiritual Entity: The caster can become a temporary spirit which renders them invisible.
Spirit Avatar:The caster can summon TWO spirits of any kind except for Divine.
Spirited Back: The caster can summon a spirit back from the land of the dead and renew the target's life but either their original body had been dead for no longer than 3 hours or the target's spirit is placed in a body that has.
Mind Altering: The caster can alter, enhance, erase, restore or diminish a target's memory(Can only be undone by a Spirit wielder).
Arcane Blast: The caster can create a blast/burst of compressed energy like a concussion burning/kinetic force either in a direction/arc/area around a person or create a bolt of energy that flies out and explodes with force on impact.
Puppeteer: The caster can take control of a target's spirit and the target will become their slave until they are freed by the caster, the caster loses connection to their magic, is killed or another Spirit Master/Blood Master frees the target(A caster CANNOT use this on the same target more than once in said target's lifetime, a caster can also only puppeteer 3 targets at a time and once used, the caster CANNOT use this spell again for 2 months).
[+] Spoiler
Level One:
Contact: The caster can use the death of a living creature to contact the dead or the divines.
Level Two:
Charge: The caster can recharge or overcharge their physical/magical abilities(This can only be used for one half of the day before they will be even further weakened than prior to using this ability).
Adopt: The caster can bind their blood and a target's together, allowing said person of unlocking/accessing their seals. If undertaken as a greater ritual, the appearance of the target subjected to blood adoption can have their appearance permanently altered to resemble the caster in a familial way.
Level Three:
Sealing: The caster can create blood seals which keeps everyone that doesn't have the same blood bound to the seal, or some special mark or trinket made with blood linked to the seal from reading, touching, using, taking or entering certain things and places.
Renew: The caster can temporarily sacrifice a portion of their magical power in order to heal themselves and others by simply spilling some of their own blood and pouring it over the wounds or into the mouths of others(After healing themselves or targets this way they will be fatigued for some time or until they sleep for 12 hours).
Locate: The caster can mark people, places and objects with Blood Sigils or Marks to basically call out to the users magic so it's targeting them more accurately(Anything or anyone marked by the blood can also be tracked by the caster).
Level Four:
Revive: The caster can also sacrifice some of their life force in order to bring a person back from the dead by simply spilling some of their own blood over the corpse(Up to 8 hours and a cost of one year to the caster).
Drain: The caster can drain the energy out of a target to make them weak and unable to fight back(Lasts up to 8 hours).
Level Five:
Extend: The caster can take the life force and magic of a target and add years to their own life or that of another(The one who is gaining this extension is altered forever, the changes are: Personality shifts, appearance changes and even magical differences from what they knew before. There is a limit of 10 years that can be added per ritual, one ritual per year per caster, 1,000 yr max extension per target. The caster will be unable to use any blood magic for five days after performing this spell).
Unstrung: The caster can release a target from the control of a spirit wielder by having the target drink their blood.(Can only use this once every 6 months and will be bedridden for 24 hours).
•Suros' Clock - You can turn back time and undo an event but only within an 8 hour span of the current time. You can only use this ability once a day.
•Transformation - The ability to transform its user into another person, creature, object or element. This ability can also be used against others. The transformation will remain permanent until removed by its creator, the creator is killed or another magic user skilled in this Talent or Reverse Magic undoes the spell.
•Exhaustion - Temporarily drain the energy of a given target, producing fatigue for 3 hours.
•Shroud of Light - The user creates light in varying degrees, from comfortable, moderate light, to blinding light that will leave those that see it stunned. Made to counter the ability "Darkness," Shroud of light holds many of the same traits, able to be placed over a 30 feet area within sight. This talent can also be used like a torch from the users hand or as an instantaneous flash to disorient ones enemies.
•Two Left Feet - The ability to cause a target to walk in circles for 1 hour(Cannot be used more than once a day).

Racial Talents:
•Siren's Song - The ability to lure and captivate others with the sound of the user’s speaking voice. They can create emotions in others, make them forget ever meeting the user, cause someone to agree with anything they say or entice them to do their bidding for a brief time. If the user should sing, that user will take mild control of a small crowd(within listening range) to their will for 6 hours but weakens the user to the point of passing out temporarily. The closer proximity and smaller size of the group targeted will improve the amount of control the user has. This singing ability can be concentrated down to one person but it takes a lot of magical effort to do so and will weaken the users abilities(physical and magical) for the entire length of the control which will last 8 hours instead of 6 but once a target is 'enslaved', they will do the user's bidding without question and protect them with their own life until the time limit has lapsed or the user is killed before hand.
•Dragon's Screech - It is the ability to scream or roar so loudly that it will cause anyone within a 10 feet radius to go deaf with an intense ringing sound for 4 hours. If a Dragon is using it in their true Dragon form then the range is a 30 feet radius. Ringing deafness can be cured by the caster blowing in their target's ear or through healing.
•Dragon Bond(Nobody) - An inherent talent for any Dragon and Half Dragon, one that they have alongside their other racial talent. Dragon Bonds are a very personal and private thing. These bonds connect a dragon to their chosen partner for life and cannot be revoked until the death of one or both persons involved in the bond. For dragons, they are able to communicate completely and share emotions/feelings across the bond telepathically with their partner. Half dragons, on the other hand, are only capable of sharing emotions/feelings across the bond with their chosen partner. This bond is intense and deeply personal and certainly not to be forged lightly.

Writing Sample:
[+] Spoiler
She sat with a grin upon her face the entire time the man fought within the ring, it wasn't difficult to see Kharn fuming in his seat after the sorceress was cruel enough, not to mention bold, to kiss him. Vylaska was unpredictable and she thrived on that fact, as well as keeping her life a mystery. A person will do just about anything to stay one step ahead of their enemies not to mention to keep their positions of power and Vylaska was no exception to this rule. She had more spies and ways of keeping tabs on people than even Daemon possessed but only because it was crucial to retain his need of her. Which really wasn't much of an issue with all the magic the mistress could wield and the fact that her death would free the dragons of Aedonia from their stone prison meant he would never order her killed for any reason but the same could not be said of others in this country.

Though the boys skills in combat were indeed impressive and the fights good sport to watch, Vylaska was now bored with it, she was far more anxious to get him to her tower and alter his outlook on life. She was surprised that Jaxon passed out after the last lion was killed but it just meant it would be easier to cart him to the tower and perform some of her strongest magic upon the boy.

"Don't worry General. I wouldn't dream of starting without you."

Vylaska spoke in such a tone that would have sent a shudder down most people's spine. It was eerie and full of malice and pure bitter joy. She wanted him to see just how much power she was capable of, how dangerous she really could be if ever he crossed her or foolishly insulted her publicly. The mistress of the shadows walked over to the frozen cold rebel commander Alasse, she ran a finger along her cheek far too pleased with what they were about to do to Jaxon.

"I release you from this prison of stone from which you will follow me to my black tower of power to watch your sweethearts mind be corrupted and changed. Oh, and your pathetic attempt to plug your ears can not protect you from my control over your soul. And one more thing, you will say nothing; no objections, pleads, curses or any other irritating words will pass through those lips of yours. You will observe my magic in silence."

The statue cracked and shook until the stone crumbled away and the woman was free to move once more but only as the sorceress had instructed her to do, which Vylaska had no doubt more than irritated the elf at this point. They entered the sorceresses fortress of magic and climbed the stairs to a small room where there was a bed, shelves full of potions of varying size and color, a bookcase filled with books on magic, shackles which dangled from a bare wall and a table covered in several small instruments usually used by doctors. The rebel was chained against the wall as the door opened and a pair of slaves carried in the unconscious Jaxon, which she gestured to be placed upon the bed of animal skins. Vylaska removed her cloak and pinned her black curls up and out of her face, she then waited for Kharn to join them and as soon as the demon entered, a broad smile spread on her face. If he thought her magic was strong before, altering this boys memories would only increase that idea.

"Let's begin shall we. Now, rearranging memories is by no means an easy task so before I start, I must know the new memories in which to create. So General, here is what I was thinking. We make the boy believe that his mother died giving birth to him and all he had to look up to and raise him was his father, Leon Nythil. His father was your Captain and a skilled warrior. Out on one of his assignments bringing supplies to one of the slave camps, the rebels attack, killing all of our men."

A cold smile spread on her face as she looked over at Alasse.

"And his father, Leon was killed by the rebel Commander, Alasse. Jaxon was still a young boy when this occurred and so you, General Kharn, took him under your wing and raised and taught him the ways of combat. Then when his ability in fire was discovered, I taught him to control and use his magic until it was perfected. Now the boy has taken his father's role as your Captain and seeks to get his revenge against the rebels who stole his father from him, especially the elven commander, Alasse."

Vylaska could only imagine the objections the woman was mentally shouting at her, which the sorceress blocked out, her concentration needed to be focused on the boy not Alasse's mental arguments.

"Do you approve of this memory alteration General?"

"Yes, I approve." Kharn replied

"Very good," looking at Alasse one more time with a grin, "Say goodbye to your lover my dear. For once I complete this spell it can never be undone! It will last until the day he dies and nothing you can do or say or try will change him back to the man you love."

She closed her eyes and held her hands out over the unconscious man, the air in the room stirred and the candles flickered as Vylaska summoned the forces of magic to her then began chanting an unknown language out loud.

"Vox of obscurum EGO dico vos continuo ut eradium monumentum illae puer quod restituo lemma per novus uno. Chi suus visum quod intorqueo suus animus paria suus pectus pectoris per obscurum quod livor. Repleo hindo per contemno ut suus vita est redum , planto vita is had deleo quod restituo per vita EGO partum!"

A screeching moan raced through the room as a black shadow streaked through the air then flowed into Jaxon's mouth. His body jolted and spasmed as the spell inserted itself into his mind until finally his body laid perfectly still, the air returned to normal and the candles burned unwavering.

"He is all yours now General. I suggest getting a tent put together for him before he wakes and once your satisfied my spell is a success, return to my tower and we can discuss ideas for his old comrades. And I suggest you hurry, Jaxon will be waking soon and it might seem strange to come to in my tower."

OOC Info: Hi! My name is Jenny, I am the creator of this site, am a single mom and I live in ND, USA. I have been online role-playing since I was 19 and continue to enjoy writing and creating stories. When not working, spending time with family and friends or online I enjoy watching a shit load of shows! lol If you want to know which just ask. I love to sing, dance, go to the movies, sew, draw, paint, read, write and go for walks. Well that is about all I've got to say right now other then, "Take it away Blue Eyes!" *Frank Sinatra begins to sing 'My Way'* xD

Raven Cathain
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