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Ruler: Saturn Yewglimmer

Race: Fairies, Nymphs, Wildfolk and Dark Elves(who are usually only in Mount Kalaewa)

Appearance: A variety of shapes, sizes and colors, usually beautiful and vibrant

Location: Southern most country of the Southwest

Capitol: Tangle

Climate: Warm and Sunny

Trade: Buttons, Thread, Leaves and Feathers

Known For: It's beautiful women



Kudae is primarily called the land of Nymphs and Faeries. Few people know that some Dark Elves do call Kudae their home. Dark elves are found only in the furthest south in Mount Kalaewa, a city built inside a mountain where dark elves flourish in whatever they desire to achieve. Many that come from Kalaewa aren't to be trusted, but the peaceful and seductive appeal that the rest of Kudae has usually keeps them in check.

A land of peace, prosperity, fertility, and beauty, Kudae is a miraculous country that knows very little, if any, hardship. Rarely is anyone foolish enough to invade or harm the country by any means and the magic that practically touches and effuses from everything in the country seems to protect it. It is a land of mystery and secrets, no-one knows every path and it's cities and villages are rare but beyond compare.

No events of note have taken place in Kudae in recent years and the mysterious country maintains its enigmatic state, waiting, possibly, for someone to finally unlock its secrets hidden within its wondrous wilds and beauty.