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Pronounced: ee-vore-ah

Ruler: ----

Race: Extremely diverse population, you can find any race here.

Appearance: Also very diverse, Evorans, in general, tend to be a mix from the world over. Races from every nation make their homes or their livelihood here. The few who are actually born and raised here have few defining features because of the diversity but typically have blue eyes, blonde hair and cream colored skin which is strange considering how hot and sunny it is there... Some say it is due to their ancestors being born of the sea. The woman born here are exceptionally beautiful; it is said the goddess Aeryl had cast a single strand of her hair into the womb of a Evoran mother whom gave birth to the first goddess-like baby girl and it stemmed off from there.

Location: A member of the Great Alliance, this country is South of Aedonia and North of Dorn.

Capitol: Xenith

Climate: Hot in the Suviare, otherwise Warm and Temperate, rarely cold, snows only in Dexteria.

Trade: Fish, Pearls, Exotic Spices and Rare Plants.

Known for: Their powerfully massive navy and their magical paint.


The People of Evora have been sailors since the dawn of their civilization. They believe the Goddess Syrena created them from the seas and due to that, they are drawn to the sea. It is where they are born, quite literally as it is considered bad luck not to give birth in the water, and it is where they go to die. Most of their major cities lie on the coastal areas so that they feel more connected to the sea but out of necessity there are cities built further inland to harvest trees for their ships, grow crops and to protect their other borders.

Evora is a part of the Great Alliance and is a very peaceful and prosperous land, though they will fight if they are provoked and they will fight hard and true until the bitter end if necessary. They have strong friends and have always sent troops and supplies to help her allies. Evora maintains a massive navy; mostly to protect against pirates who have been growing bolder every year, war ships from Mendula, stave off the vampires of Sunrise and anyone else who'd dare bring trouble to her shores. The pirates haven't attacked a major port in over a hundred years but they have increased their attacks on merchant vessels and a few of the smaller towns. Nowadays, a ship of the Navy will guard most of her merchant vessels, as the loss of even one can be devastating. Plus it stands as a challenge to those who dare to oppose them.

Evora's navy is the finest and most powerful in Laera, a fact of which they are highly proud of. The ships are painted the colors of the sea to make them nearly invisible. They are mostly sleek ships built for a combination of speed and fire power, though a few are heavily armed behemoths made simply for war but all of her vessels are unmatched in speed.

The people here are mainly sailors and builders, though artists are also highly prized. Whether artists of the word, music, painting or creating; all are held in the highest regard. Most of the buildings and ships have a painting or a quote on them, in special paint that glitters in the day and glows at night. The recipe for this paint is a highly guarded secret and is not allowed to be sold to anyone. The entirety of the navy does not use this paint, as it makes them far too visible, instead they use the translucent water paint that is an even higher kept and guarded secret.

The Capitol city is Xenith, where the royal family resided and because they are a people of the sea, the capital is located on the Southwestern coast. It is an ample location to trade with all the other nations of Laera quickly and easily. Since most Evoran careers are linked to the sea; naval, fisherman or artistic in nature, the classes tend to get along rather well because of it, though there is clear distinction, they can intertwine and mingle fairly respectfully. This is a land where one can go from a commoner to becoming a person of vast wealth and influence rather easily. In fact, many have done just that! It is a land that values beauty, in all its forms, as well as honesty. Those are the core ideals of this land and remain untarnished to this day.

Also, Evora has it's own army as an added measure of protection to keep from being overcome by any would be invaders. So far this army is only half the size of Aedonia's and not quite as strong or well trained but they are improving with each year and hope to continue to expand Evora's greatness and beauty.

Unfortunately hard times have come to Evora with the loss of its royal family and nearly a quarter of their armies. An earthquake of natural origin rocked the entire nation and the Royal Palace in Xenith was destroyed, killing King Federick Thornton and his heirs before anything could be done to evacuate them. The people rally behind the Council, clamoring for the appointment of a new leader.