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Pronounced: Aye-doe-knee-ah

Rulers: Darion & Josephine Naetil

Race: Humans, Dragons, High Elves and Dwarves

Appearance: The Mountain People, as they call themselves, generally have black or brown hair with gray, blue or brown eyes; red hair is an extreme rarity. Their skin is usually nearly as white as snow in color, though occasionally can be cream. They are usually rather tall and the men have broad builds.

Location: Northern most country of Laera as well as of the Great Alliance

Capitol: Dragon Mount

Climate: Cold, often covered in snow and occasionally cloudy

Trade: Jewels, furs, and the finest medicines in the world

Known for: Dragons, Dragon Riders, medicine and the stark beauty of the Mountains


Aedonia is the northern most country in Laera. It is surrounded entirely by a vast and dangerous mountain range. The land of Aedonia is remarkably peaceful, it is a land of great beauty and mystery. It is known as 'The Mountain Home', a member of 'The Great Alliance' and a proud and powerful country.

Aedonia is filled with dragons; they are revered and protected from their enemies. While in humanoid form they are more vulnerable but dragons are strong and powerful. It isn't uncommon for there to be love between them and a humanoid, as true love knows no bounds... even unto death. Dragons have existed since recorded history but their history isn’t widely known; only a few trusted souls know the truth of them. Before the alliance between them and the Aedonians, the dragons mostly kept to themselves, occasionally stealing a sheep or two. Several hunts were established to take care of the so called menace. These hunts were not successful since very few creatures are capable of killing dragons. This continued for several years until people realized the dragons meant them no harm. Then one day, the leader of the dragons, flew to meet the King of Aedonia; proposing a new arrangement between the races. They remained true to this pact until this very day. This pact is most useful to the Mountain People; they soon became known for their Dragon Riders; humanoid warriors who ride upon the dragons into battle. With such powerful protection at their fingertips, Aedonia was free of invasion, well until a Dark figure appeared.

Aedonia was justly ruled over by the Naetil Family. It was their ancestors whom forged the alliance with the dragons and they remained in power since that fabled day. The Naetil Family had always been of the Mountain People. They were good people, natural born leaders and strong willed. They were a small family but with very powerful influence. As the kingdom grew, so did their influence until the year, centuries ago, the Naetil’s eldest son became crowned King. Despite having a rule that was never questioned, they remained true to their ancestors by being just, not as a facade to fool people but because it was who they were. And so their rule persisted and the land grew more beautiful as the years passed. Donovan, the Dragon King, was said to have the heart of a dragon. He was a fair, strong and a caring ruler; he did not look down on people because of their class but he was also fierce in battle and was said to strike quickly and with force. King Donovan believed it was your actions, not the blood that flowed through your veins that made you noble. He carried this into all his affairs, even having several prominent generals who were born peasants. They say he and his wife, Queen Aislynn, saved many of their subjects on the day of 'Black Death'. Donovan and Aislynn gave their lives so that more of their subjects were able to flee before they were finally slain.

The Dark Lord Daemon invaded and murdered Donovan and Aislynn Naetil, turned the Dragon's to stone and enslaved or killed the people. Daemon took their throne for his own, that he shared with his Dark Queen Vylaska. For twenty-one years they ruled Aedonia, destroying everything that was sacred about it. It would take the return of Donovan's eldest son Darion along with his wife Josephine and the combined forces of the Great Alliance itself to finally defeat the Forces of Darkness and restore the nation to it's former glory. It's been seven years since they took back Dragon Mount and continue to rebuild and renew the nation so that the Mountain Kingdom could shine again and despite being in recovery, the Dragon Riders were able to fight off most of the attacks made during the Vampiric War within the coastal cities of Aedonia.