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August 29th, 2018, 7:37 am #1

Only there one day, got the ferry over from Sardinia to Bonifacio. The entrance to the harbour is stunning, the town hanging high in the rocks above. The boats moored there were billionaire jobs, some real big posh bastards.
The town itself is great. There used to be a barracks there for the legionnaires that looks over the sea and it's all heavily fortified with old walls build to keep out attackers and pirates. There was one huge door to the whole city once which was pulled up whenever there was a rumble due. There are loads of restaurants spilling out onto the narrow streets. Despite Corsica being French and Sardinia Italian they feel very much like the same place, an independent state of the two countries. Apparently they have a swimming race every year between the two islands, about 14km. I Iearned a bit of Italian before I came over as I like to immerse myself in the host country and parlez vous with the locals. You get back what you put in I find.
Worth a visit, lovely town.