2nd Year Student
2nd Year Student
Location Cha, hangin' with my bro Trunks, dude.
Interests uhhh.....anime. Anime and Vampires. I study Vampires.
Your Current Mood Squishy.
Your Wand Holly
Your Broom Bluebottle
Your Location In My Chair.
Favorite Quote Go on, Liam. Play the big, strapping hero while you can. You have a few surprises coming your way. The Ring of Amarra, a visit from your old pal Spike, and-oh, yeah-your gruesome, horrible death.
Favorite Character Don't. Get. Me. Started.
Favorite Couple Trunks/Goten. Gohan/Vegeta. Spike/Xander/Angel.
Witch or Warlock? Witch
Nickname Crys
Favorite thing The Cool Thing. Me. My Stuff.
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Made by Leo. Cuz I couldn't. I'm allergic to that much win.
My Short Stories: Bite Me and X/1999 The LC Version
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