Leona Peppercorn
Learning to Apparate
Yahoo! screen name sailorleo1987@yahoo.com
MSN screen name Leona@Gryffindor.com
Location Stalking those who bring pain to others
Your Current Mood Holier than Thou
Your Wand Holly
Your Broom Bluebottle
Your Location Always one step ahead; two steps to the right.
Favorite Quote I Reject Your Reality, and substitute it for my own. -Adam Savage

Don't Listen to That Guy. He's Trying to Lead You Down the Path of Righteousness, I'm Gonna Lead You Down the Path That Rocks! - Kronk's Shoulder Devil. Emperor's New Groove.
Favorite Character Ariel, Norrington, Tony Stark, Joker, the Bride, Elphaba, Hiro Nakamura, Princess Vespa, and Sylar
Favorite Couple Chase and Emma, Jack and Rose; Louis and Claudia *yes I'm demented XP*
Witch or Warlock? Witch
Nickname Leo, Leodor, Pink, Catwoman, Jem, Darth Klepto, The Banner Goddess, and Pink Princess
Favorite thing Oh man! Just one? Ah-er-um...Good 'Ole 2-D Disney Movies
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