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She met a boy when she first joined the school in the Library. They were led by a picture book to discover a treasure and afterwards they became best friends. They went through alot with each other; Truth or Dare Games, Trips to Germany to see her mother dying and for Christmas. He finally asked her out and she couldn't have been happier.

He now has disappeared from the world and her life isn't complete without him, her Jamie. A sad smile appears on her face instead of her bright and cheery smile now.

Everything she has once loved, is gone. Just like James Trick.

She no longer has plans on attending school and becoming anything in world as long as her heart is torn in two from the loss of him.
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I just want to Thank this Site for being there and bringing me into this world of RPing. I now regularly roleplay on another site and have found a great community there. I brought this character there but she is now long dead and I have moved up in my abilities of writing and also character creation. I would not have gotten there without this site however, so thank you to Rouge and Remy and RedEft and ArriannaBlack and just everyone who made me the rper I am now today.

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