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1st Year Student
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but since you asked...
alchemy, archery, arrows, batman, bedsheets, belts, birthday cake, brittish accents, brothers, bruises, cake, candy, caramel, cartoons, cats, cereal, cheeseburgers, chocolate bon bons, chocolate milk, college, cream soda, crunchy leaves, daniel radcliffe, dogs, dragons, elves, email, fish tanks, flying monkeys, football, french fries, friends, fruit snacks, giant butt-kicking robots, graduation, grass, gummy worms, harry potter,, ibc, ice, ice cream, jeans, jedi, jumpdrives, laptops, legos, lifejackets, lightsabers, lord of the rings, midnight showings, ninjas, pirates, pointy ears, popsicles, posters, rain, ranch dressing, remotes, repelling, root beer, shotguns, silver robes, snow, socks, soup, star wars, star wars coloring books, stars, steak, stickers, superman, sword-weilding half- demons, swords, tassels, trampolines, tvs, volleyball, walleyball, watches, water, wingers.
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