Ellie Guppey
New Hogwarts Student
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Interests [u]Alli's Interest[/u]<br>(Photoshopping, running sites, [s]the boyfriend[/s], adu, ho, rcr, uhogs, skype, yiming, google talking, MUSIC, singing, music, musical, chorus, music, djing, keeping busy, stealing gabby (and turning her into a cookie), the cookie vault, itunes, school, my laptop, my mic, friends, joining role-play sites.)<br><br>[u]Ellie's Interest:[/u]<br>Anything magical, and anything about the school. She is fasinated by the wonders of hte school and anything around it, She wants to discover things for herself, and she wont believe anything without seeing it.
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Witch or Warlock? Witch
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I am in need of a celebrity, any ideas? Pm/yim them to me.