Just A Few New Rules

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9:50 AM - May 15, 2007 #1

HI folks, just a few new rules in order to make this a friendlier place again.

1. No swearing in any form or abusive behavior will be tolerated.
2. Any disputes between members to be made privately, anyone making these disputes public will be liable to suspension and posts deleted.
3. No advertising of any kind will be allowed, or links to commercial sites. (except for ones imposed by invisionfree)
4. Links to unvalidated venues will be removed immediately
5. Members now have the option to report any posts they feel fall into the above categories.
6. Signatures to be kept to a minimum. Any deemed to be too large will be removed.
7. All new members will be put on 7 days moderator approval for all postings, ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED IF NO POSTINGS MADE WITHIN 7 DAYS.
8. Admin decisions are final.


Also here are the terms & conditions set by Invisionfree

Invisionfree Terms & Conditions

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