Help Needed If Anyone Can Assist

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Please bear in mind that I a complete moron when it come to computers, can anyone tell me if I can change the bite warnings between rod 1 and rod 2, and if so can you help in instructions how to do it.
Many thanks if you can assist me.
Frank. :) :blink:

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Yes you can.

you can change the sounds to something different altogether if you want.

1st you find your fishsim2 folder on your computer c drive or wherever you have it, open it (double click ) then open folder sounds (double click ) your bite warning sounds are called bitewarn.wav for rod 1 and bitewarn1.wav for rod 2.

if you click slow on bitewarn1.wav between 1 and . you can delete the 1 and add a 5
then click slow on bitewarn.wav between n and . you can add the 1
then click slow on bitewarn5.wav between 5 and . you can delete the 5 now you have changed rod 1 sound with rod 2.
if you want 2 different sound altogether find / google .wav sounds find 2 you like ( not to big ) download then change the name to bitewarn and bitewarn1 then copy and paste into the fishsim2/sounds folder.

Have fun.
Black knight