The Universal Studios Censorship Book Spotlight

Universal Studios lifeblood is the favorable, false impression they always try to create for themselves on the Internet. It seems Universal Studios didn't like the favorable, legitimate reviews of specific books criticizing them on All of the favorable reviews of these books deleted by Universal Studios and were luckily saved, and have been restored here!! Enjoy!!

The Universal Studios Censorship Book Spotlight

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The Universal Studios Censorship Book Spotlight: Investigation #1 - Universal Studios vs The 1978 Battlestar Galactica Series

Welcome to the first edition of what will be an ongoing series of investigations into Universal Studios ongoing and 14 year old practice of trying (and failing) to censor justified criticisms of themselves as a corporation all over the Internet. Specifically, criticisms directed at their repeated and deliberate mismanagement of the "Battlestar Galactica" property.

Lately, this practice has taken the form of Universal Studios, its stealth marketers, and employees trying (and failing) to censor favorable and legitimate book reviews of a series of books being sold on rightfully praising these books and at the same time criticizing Universal Studios as a corporation in their poor management of the "Battlestar Galactica" property.

Since Universal Studios no doubt fears the above displayed book the most out of all 5 in this series of books, we will begin with this particular book and take a look at the favorable reviews Universal Studios coerced into removing. These removed book reviews have been restored here...


Nothing outrageous or out of line with these honest and legitimate opinions offered by readers who did indeed purchase and read the book. As a matter of fact, what these readers are stating is hardly secret knowledge about Universal Studios. Everyone has known since day one that Universal Studios has sucked in their management of the "Battlestar Galactica" property. So these favorable reviews of the book shouldn't have come as any surprise to Universal Studios, its stealth marketers, and its employees if they all lived in the real world along with the rest of us. The real world where Universal Studios sucks as a supplier of anything Science Fiction related (primarily "Battlestar Galactica") and everybody knows it.

Now lets take a look at the negative book reviews remaining on after Universal Studios coerced into having the above, favorable book reviews removed...

Now, doesn't it seem lopsided and morally ambiguous on the part of that they would only allow fake, negative book reviews on their website? Fake book reviews written by Universal Studios stealth marketers and employees who clearly have a financial and paternal interest in Universal Studios? To what degree was strong armed by Universal Studios stealth marketers and employees to have these favorable book reviews removed?

Even the most casual and objective observer to an book review page would immediately notice two problems with this particular page:

1. That a book would only get (and only get) negative book reviews from a few people who are clearly not all there psychologically and are obviously unhinged mentally. Most casual observers would be asking..."What happened to the positive and level headed reviews of this book? Is there censorship going on here?"

2. From the tone of their book reviews, these crackpots sound like that they have a deeply personal vendetta against the author and are throwing any nonsensical statement against the wall seeing if it sticks to try and prevent future copies of the book from being sold. These crackpots also sound like that they have a deeply personal and protective interest in Universal Studios from the sound of their negative and fake book reviews.

Of course, Universal Studios, its stealth marketers, and its employees never look far enough into the future to realize what the aftermath of their stealth marketing activities would look like to discerning and objective eyes firmly rooted in reality. They all live and dwell in their bubble encased fantasy land where everything they do makes perfect sense to them. And if it makes perfect sense to them, they assume it will make perfect sense to the rest of the world. Never realizing that this will never be the case because they (Universal Studios) are all insane. And their (Universal Studios) perception of the world is hopelessly screwed up.

Of course, this is the same studio that makes routine "fake" press releases such as these...