"Ripping off" The Walking Dead?!?!?

Your eyes aren't deceiving you. This channel has no clue what Science Fiction television programming is, and could care less.

"Ripping off" The Walking Dead?!?!?

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Before you get banned for being the same smart ass who has posted in this forum under endless handles for years I'll give you this,

Van Helsing may predate Walking Dead by decades, but using Van Helsing's original source material was not what the SyFy Channel chose to do. Instead, SyFy Channel chose to set its sights on (with surgical precision) the storyline of the biggest current hit in horror television - Walking Dead - and had the nerve to call it Van Helsing. Swiping its pilot script along the way. SyFy Channel paid no attention to 28 Days Later (a 14 year old movie) and Dawn of The Dead (a 38 year old movie) before, during, and after Walking Dead came along. It is Walking Dead and only Walking Dead that inspired SyFy Channel to stuff Van Helsing with the script contents of Walking Dead.

I'll get emotional security from any source I so choose, including the ever evolving failed career of Bryan Singer.

Isn't it interesting how every single collective new movie promise made by Bryan Singer and Universal Studios not only never shows up on imdb.com regardless of the absence or presence of extracurricular editing going on, but also never shows up on upcoming release schedules of Universal Studios and 20th Century Fox, and also never shows up as progress being made in these supposed productions years down the pike on the entire world wide web.