No Doubt Moore And Eick Will Remain At SyFy Channel

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If freeloaders have a good deal going on living at a homeless shelter and getting free room, board, and food night after night, would they honestly pack their bags and leave? Ronald D. Moore and David Eick have been "freeloading" off of NBC-Universal/Sci-Fi Channel for the past four years; getting free room, board, and food from the "troubled corporation" day after day....night after night. Would Moore and Eick honestly pack their bags and leave Sci-Fi Channel just because it is changing its name to "Syfy Channel?" Hardly. The "Undynamic Duo" will remain there......continuing to get free room, board, and food......and perhaps most importantly, continuing to get a reprieve from the harsh realities of the bleak employment prospects they would face (due to their lack of talents as producers and scriptwriters) in the real Hollywood, where Sci-Fi Channel does not dwell. So no doubt, Ronald D. Moore and David Eick will continue to "freeload" and grow old at the now rechristened "Syfy Channel", doing what they do best. Creating television series that "flop" in the ratings and fail to find a legimitate and ratings sustaining television audience.

Now that the Sci-Fi Channel has changed its name to "Syfy Channel", Moore and Eick are really free to come up with some truly "non-genre specific" crappy ideas for television programming the "Syfy Channel" would love. Such as.....

I. Jeremy & Skip's Magic Dildo

Jeremy & Skip are high school seniors who never got laid. They befriend a horny warlock with a magical dildo named "Hadji", who gives both of them the magical abilities to make their mother's best friends fall in love with them.

II. Intergalactic Hijinks at the Playboy Mansion

Horny astronauts from another world invade the Playboy mansion, and have sex with as many playmates they can during every 42 minute episode.

III. Panting Peter - The Psychic Who Communicates With Deceased....Nympho 20 Something Girls

The title says it all. Panting Peter uses his psychic abilities to try and get laid in the after world.

IV. The Bionic Battlestar on Steroids

Jeremy Somers.....Nathan Lane's former tennis instructor and scarf waver, is trampled to death during a gay pride refitted with bionic replacements and encased in a suit of armor that makes hime look like the alligator-esque "Battlestar Galactica" spaceship. He fights crime in the heart of gay pride San Francisco.

V. Are You Talking To Me? I Know you're Talking To Me!!

Former child stars such as Gary Coleman and Danny Bonaduce square off against each other in this new reality talk show, where the arguments end with live duels with actual light sabers.