Glen A. Larson Has Proven To Be A Laughable Stealth Marketer

Glen A. Larson and his laptop grow apples for a living.
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His age was against him from day one. General naivete and an all around lack of street smarts doomed him even further. If Glen A. Larson has accomplished anything as a misguided stealth marketer for Universal Studios and Sci-Fi Channel (SyFy) during the past 11 years, it is that he kept himself busy and mentally active (during the past 11 years) in the wake of no family or friends to give a shit about him. It's truly fascinating in that everything Glen A. Larson set out to accomplish as a stealth marketer for Universal Studios and Sci-Fi Channel (during the past 11 years), the exact opposite occurred every step of the way:

1) The general public's opinions of Universal Studios and Sci-Fi Channel have not improved one iota from what they were 11 years ago despite Glen A. Larson's corrupt stealth marketing tactics to reverse the trend. The general public still thinks Universal Studios and Sci-Fi Channel are corporate dog shit in how they have repeatedly mismanaged the "Battlestar Galactica" property.

2) Glen A. Larson's naive and misguided attempts to try and censor me over the past 11 years have only had the reverse effect. I now have four forums, and I continue to say whatever is on my mind about Universal Studios and Sci-Fi Channel.

3) Glen A. Larson has suffered from the naive and misguided delusion that posting under hundreds of different handles on multiple bulletin boards (Boy, has this elderly Jew had alot of free time on his hands during the past 11 years) would somehow assist him in censoring his enemies. It hasn't worked. Glen A. Larson posting as "Arthur"....."NBC-Universal"...."Schnorkenschneider"......"MrPostModernist"....."Mrs. Languatron"...."Stallion_Cornell"......"Jim Bennett"...."Hank"...."Dave"......"Jeff Downey".....among many other handles on the Frakheads board and on other Galactica related boards has only yielded a waste of time on his part. Glen A. Larson could no more influence public opinion or force public opinion to sway his way than he could ever have been a competent television producer in his younger days. Glen A. Larson is a "Grandiosity suffering, undiagnosed Bi-Polar sufferer" who has been suffering from the delusion during the past 11 years that he has been doing some good for Universal Studios and Sci-Fi Channel.

4) Glen A. Larson's laughable reputation as a failed stealth marketer for Universal Studios and Sci-Fi Channel has only intensified in recent years as he has revealed a recurring habit of having to run to bulletin board moderators sobbing when he couldn't stand up to his enemies (me) in a fight, and begging the moderator(s) for access to the bboard dashboards to censor and modify posts he doesn't like.....primarily on Frakheads.

5) Glen A. Larson has suffered from the "Bi-Polar based delusion" that he could somehow influence book sales on by posting bogus reviews of books (he never read) under multiple aliases. This cannot be taken lightly...this is a serious mental illness. Glen A. Larson's psychotic delusion that he can change the world to his liking from his laptop.

In the final analysis, Glen A. Larson has accomplished nothing during the past 11 years. Instead of wasting the past 11 years hopelessly fighting me (and endlessly losing), Glen A. Larson and Universal Studios should have been working to build a profitable franchise for themselves with the "Battlestar Galactica" copyright....instead of wasting their time with Ronald D. Moore and wasting their time picking fights with the general public on Internet bulletin boards.