Bonnie Hammer's Sci-Fi Channel

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Bonnie Hammer's Sci-Fi Channel

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Bonnie Hammer's Sci-Fi Channel: Oppressive Politics and a Hatred of The Science Fiction Genre Has Kept This Backwoods Cable Channel Neck Deep in Chronic Failure

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bonnie Hammer's Sci-Fi Channel is the worst cable channel in history., January 9, 2009

By TwoBrainedCylon This review is from Bonnie Hammer's Sci-Fi Channel

If it gets any worse on the Sci-Fi Channel, they just might start having professional wrestling and a cooking show as programming options. What the hell happened to my former science fiction channel? The one I used to look forward to watching due to a plentiful schedule of classic science fiction television series and science fiction movies. Gutted and demolished thanks to this worst cable channel in history polluting the airwaves with the junk Ronald D. Moore keeps cranking out. I was skeptical and fearful when I first heard the Sci-Fi Channel had new owners and that skepticism and fear was confirmed when I first learned the new owners were Universal Studios and its USA Networks. What they have done to this channel is harvest it of any creative potential and then ship it off to its waiting cemetary plot. Wake me if the situation ever improves with much better owners.

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5.0 out of 5 stars You mean, this channel is supposed to be Science Fiction? I thought it was a generic commercial broadcast network., April 3rd, 2009

By RGrant Losing bets extraordinaire Read all of my reviews

The last thing I remember watching is an episode of Land of The Giants. The next thing I know I'm watching a search for Bigfoot, a show in really poor taste called Scare Tactics, and all of the great Sci-Fi Channel shows I used to watch like Animation Station were suddenly gone no thanks to Bonnie Hammer. How long has it been now since she first gutted the channel? 7 years? It seems like 30. I'm now stuck with trying to find my favorite science fiction shows and movies on DVD.

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Sci-Fi Channel stopped being the Sci-Fi Channel the moment it changed ownership., March 24th, 2009

By Russell Sanders aka Bold Bigflank

The Sci-Fi Channel's latest kick is trying to update classic movies from the past and giving them a hip twist by attiring everyone in motorcycle leather. Of course, this does nothing to improve the general quality of Sci-Fi Channel scripts. I think I watched something a while back with flying monkeys and a motorcycle gang and it was just ridiculous. The Sci-Fi Channel then tried a low budget Flash Gordon by having Flash dimension hop instead of planet hop. The show was a catastrophe to such a degree that the limited segments produced ended up on Region 2 DVD only in the UK. Sci-Fi Channel didn't dare release that abomination here in the U.S. The Sci-Fi Channel generally tries to bury its programming mistakes such as this in Region 2 DVD releases overseas. After all, the Brits will buy anything, right?

I wish the author had more to say about the Sci-Fi Channel here but what he did say was more than enough and echoes my sentiments completely. The Sci-Fi Channel is a completely failed cable network in terms of the potential it refuses to aspire to in favor of corporate drone television programming driven by laziness. It's low budget horror movies are the worst I have ever seen and I find nothing charming, hip, or humorous to badly produced horror movies as the Sci-Fi Channel uses such a ludicrous line of thought to justify the existence of these horror movies of theirs.

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5.0 out of 5 stars I knew this channel was in trouble after hearing that Universal Studios was the new owner., February 28, 2009

By Alberta Larsononi Von Eick This review is from Bonnie Hammer's Sci-Fi Channel

The brilliant and glorious days of the once great Sci-Fi Channel are now long gone since the incredibly brilliant Mitchell Rebenstein and Laurie Silver are no longer managing it. In its place we have public television afficianado Bonnie Hammer and her motley bunch of bean counter rejects in the forms of David Howe and Mark Stern. What these three have done to this channel is nothing short of criminal in terms of the derailed opportunities lost as to what this sort of channel could be. Hammer, Howe, and Stern have always and only been the only ones to ever be enthusiastic about their own programming ideas because when you are cut from the cloth business people as much as they are with not one shred of science fiction backbone, you typically would get excited about such demographically bland nonsense as Scare Tactics, Dream Team, and trashy monster movies. The enormous saving grace for science fiction fans everywhere is the arrival of DVD technology has allowed them to make their own personal science fiction channel of their choosing with their favorite science fiction movies and television series. What Bonnie Hammer's Sci-Crap Channel has failed to do.

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5.0 out of 5 stars. I stopped watching this stupid channel ages ago., June 21st, 2010

By Gripe Bransford Singher-Moore Read all of my reviews

Why wasn't a book like this written sooner? I wish the book was longer but that's beside the point. The point is the Sci-Fi Channel sucks and this is what this book is all about. I wish the book was meaner to Bonnie Hammer as well but it still does a good job in expressing the opinion that Bonnie Hammer is indeed in the wrong profession. This book offers the perfect antidote for all of the Sci-Fi Channel's problems by selling the channel to someone else and firing everyone currently working there.

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5.0 out of 5 stars It makes you wonder why NBC-Universal even bothered to buy a Science Fiction channel., February 15, 2011

By Brett Steele Hawthorne Read all of my reviews

After reading this book, I have come to the conclusion that NBC-Universal regards everything they shouldn't be buying as faceless real estate. Whether it be Science Fiction copyrights such as Battlestar Galactica or what used to be a legitimate Science Fiction channel before NBC-Universal bought it and corrupted it. There are some great one liners in this book fired against Bonnie Hammer and her co-workers at the Sci-Fi Channel, but this shouldn't detract away from what is a serious issue here that the book addresses. That there are many corporations and individuals in this world that shouldn't own Science Fiction copyrights and former Science Fiction cable channels for any reason. NBC-Universal of course falls into this category. It is irrelevant as to what NBC-Universal may claim is their legal right to own. The fact is, many things in this life were not meant to be owned by certain corporations and certain people. The sooner NBC-Universal and Glen A. Larson gets this through their heads the better. Neither one of them has done any favors for Science Fiction or Battlestar Galactica at any time in their professional lives, and their collective attitudes towards both has always stunk. My only complaint about this book is that I wish it were alot longer. I suggest the author begin adding to his manuscript and resubmit it with double the page count because I want to read more.