Bonnie Hammer's Buzz Words Of Doom

Some say she was manager of the Sci-Fi Channel. Others claim she was a cosmetics girl working for your local department store. I'll let all of you decide exactly what she has been doing for a living for the past 15 years.

Bonnie Hammer's Buzz Words Of Doom

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Usually when one of Bonnie Hammer's press releases contains such buzz words and buzz phrases as "gritty", "organic", or the most infamous....."not your Daddy's Battlestar Galactica or Flash Gordon", you can be assured that whatever reimagining project Bonnie Hammer is working on, is going to suck like Hell. And this has been proven with what Bonnie Hammer has had the nerve to call "Battlestar Galactica", and what she has in store for the remake of "Flash Gordon."

A recurring theme and problem at Sci-Fi Channel, is Bonnie Hammer & staff's total lack of versatility and know how in dealing with the subject of Science Fiction. To them, Science Fiction is a punchline, a "buzz word." Bonnie Hammer sums up her every new reimagining project with the dreaded "Not your Daddy's original series....." punchline. When you read the line "Not your Daddy's (insert tv series title here)........" in any Bonnie Hammer press release announcing yet another reimagined series, the inevitable "Suckiness to the 21st magnitude" of the reimagined series is just around the corner.

Bonnie Hammer's plans for her reimagined take on Flash Gordon are just as disastrous as her reimagined plans have proven to be for Battlestar Galactica. There will be no spaceships (no spaceships in Flash Gordon??), no original Science Fiction costume designing (more off the rack clothing from Wal-Mart), and Flash Gordon (like Ronald D. Moore's GINO characters) will be portrayed as a "realistic guy thrust into unreal circumstances.) In short, Flash Gordon is going to be just as much of a colossal bore as Ronald D. Moore's GINO characters will be.

Not only that, but Flash Gordon will be merged with the Stargate idea of dimension hopping, to make the scriptwriting as easy, lethargic, and as lazy ass as possible for the staff writers working on Flash Gordon. Flash steps through the Stargate, and ends up at an outdoor location shoot somewhere in British Columbia. We've seen this shit already in Stargate ad infinitum, and we've seen the same lazy ass location shooting in Ronald D. Moore's GINO series. Flash Gordon is yet another attempt by NBC-Universal to utilize and burn up a perfectly good copyright with as much Corporate Level Abuse that can be unleashed upon it while this series is in production. NBC-Universal never takes advantage of what it owns, it just decimates everything it owns.