Wanting A Better Look (closed; open to morgana)

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{OOC: Please note Morgause has left the pub, so Morgana can reply to this post, with her reactions to the telepathic message.}

After scrying for her Sister, Morgause wanted a better look; and more information about Camelot's Castle. She would need this intel if she was going to ever get close enough to her Sister to see her face to face.

Using a potion that magically disguised her, Morgause walked into the pub. "Ugh, this place is horrid" she thought, but she forced herself to deal with it.

She sat down at a dirty, filthy table, and waited for someone to come over to her. When someone did, Morgause ordered a bit of food & drink, to make it look good.

What she was really after was either over hearing something usefull or someone whom she could pay off, or magically control, to gain the information she sought.

While in the Pub, Morgause closed her eyes, being in Camelot, so close to her Sister, she knew her Telepathy power would be stronger.

"Morgana, my dear, you need not fear me, for we are blood. I want only what is best for you." Morgaouse broke the connection, again, not wanting to scare her Sister, by using too much magic on her.

Morgause had no idea if her Sister knew she was magical or not, so she decided it was best not to "overload" her.

Her food and drink were brought to the table. Morgause nodded at the person who brought over the food, and then began to eat.

"ugh, I've certainly eatten better" she thought. But to not raise suspicion, she continued to eat. "At least the drink isn't half bad" she thought.

"I hope I've gotten Morgana's attention, or at least her couriosity" Morgause thought. "I won't stop until I have my Sister at my side. Together we'll be unstopable. Once I've taught her to use her powers, that is."

Morgause ate her food, and then stood up. She pulled some coins out of a pouch tied to her robe and threw them on the table. Then she turned and walked out of the Pub.

"I'm not leaving here without talking to her face to face." She thought. She climbed up onto her horse, and rode off, heading towards the only pub in town that also had rooms for rent.

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