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... Previously on KEEP THE MAGIC SECRET
  • Long term enemies, Uther Pendragon and Eunan Byrne; King of Irick, signed a treaty of peace. Their fragile relationship stood on the borders of a war.
    The war against barbarians in the North, afraid that Druids would ruin the way of life in the southern realms of Albion, the Kings joined forces with Cornwall and Breton and waged war between the North and the South, only Hadrian's Wall stood between them.
    Many died but the battle was won by the Knights of Albion.

    Using their brother's fight to an advantage, renegade Druids in Camelot began to build up armies to wage a war on Uther Pendragon himself. This in turn caught the attention of the Old Religion. Nimueh, intent on bringing Camelot down and failing to find an ally in Merlin called back her foster daughter; Morgause to help her win the fight. Morgause' attention however was drawn instead to the King's Ward, with Morgana in sight, she will fought to get her back.
    The pair struck Camelot with a horrifying curse, to bring back those who have died to haunt every waking moment of any soul still living in Camelot.

    It turned Uther mad with rage and fear; a new purge began and hundred's died, and whilst Camelot was falling into despair and destruction... only Merlin found a way out. Promising to free to Dragon and deliver the vulnerable Morgana to Nimueh and her sister, Merlin broke the curse. But at a high price.</li>
... So what happens now on KEEP THE MAGIC SECRET?
  • Merlin and Morgana find an enemy in a friend. The Dragon is free once and for all and Uther's enemies are rising up around him and Camelot is no longer a place of peace and no magic. Can he hold onto his sanity long enough to protect his Kingdom and his children?

    Meanwhile, having heard rumours about Irick's tolerance of magic, Uther's paranoia is in overdrive and suspects his allies have turned against him.

    So, what happens next? That's for you to decide. Play ally to Uther or aid against his delusions.</li>
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