The Inconstant Princess

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Do try to behave yourself while you are gone, won't you?”

Bron paused in overseeing the packing of her things, long enough to throw a half-amused look over one shoulder at her hovering mother. “You know I am always well behaved, mother,” she teased, turning back to pick up a light travelling cloak. The Princess ran her hands over the soft velvet experimentally. Yes, that should do the job.

“Except when you aren't,” the Queen smiled, moving forward and lifting a hand to stroke her daughter's glossy dark locks. “You must remember your manners. King Uther isn't known for his patience my dear. This alliance is very important to our realm. Remember that.”

Bron sighed softly, relaxing her grip on the cloak and letting the material pool on her bed. “I am sure that he cannot be so very fearsome as you all paint him to be,” she chided. “And besides. Tewdwr shan't be long installed at Irick, I'm sure. He told me himself before he left that he planned on visiting Camelot. Between the two of us, we could charm the birds from the trees.” Bron smiled gently, lifting her own hand to place atop her mother's, which had come to rest on her pale cheek. “You'll see. We shall be in good company. And the both of us shall be home before you know it.”

“I will miss you both with every second that you're not where I can keep two good eyes on you,” the Queen said, amusement twinkling in her gaze.

“Well, then!” Gwenfyar declared, “there is nothing else for it! You shall have to come and visit Camelot yourself! You and father both. What a gesture of faith that would be!”

The Queen laughed. “Oh, my love. You always think of things in such simple turns. Of your father and I simply going to Camelot.” The Queen shook her head. “No. Such adventures as this are better left to the young. But,” a smirk coloured the Queen's lips; a positive indication that she was about to be a little bit devilish. “You must see if you can entreat Uther Pendragon into bringing his son and his ward to Brittany for a return visit. I should very much like to see what the world has in store for them!”

Bron laughed, a tinkling sound like a teaspoon on the rim of a china cup. “I shall do my best mother,” she promised with a grin.