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Magic Users

Magical Users are gifted individuals who have either been born to magic or have an aptitude to learning it. Magic is used through spells and incantations and the Druids believe this as a sign of the Gods using magic through them. Druids believe that those who have magic must act through the God and do 'good' for those around them. However, not all Druids see it this way, the outcast Druids abuse their powers for their own gain.
All magic users must use spells and incantations, only Old Religion Canons (Merlin, Mordred, Morgause and Nimueh) may use magic without incantations.

Please check our documentation on Druids before applying for a Druid.

Please note: Not all Druids have magic but ALL Druids, (whether outcast or not) must worship the Old Gods/Religion.

Special/Natural Powers: These are powers your character is born with or inherited.
So as not to be too powerful, you can pick:
ONE of these special gifts if your character is 0-30
TWO of these special gifts if your character is 31-61
THREE of these special gifts your character is 61+
I may grant you more under special circumstances and if you provide a good reason.

Elemental: The ability to control the elements, fire, wind, water and air. (one element per character)

Seer: A rare gift. A seer can see into both the past and the future. But it takes far more practice to see into the past and into the far future. Not all seers can summon visions at will; some seers have no control over their power what so ever.

Mind reading: The ability to read anothers mind. More powerful Magic Users are able to manipulate their targets thoughts as well. Unlike telepathy, the Druid cannot speak to the person, only hear what they think.

Empathy: Another form of mind reading… However they can read the emotions and feelings of another person, not their thoughts.

Sensing: To be able to sense another magical presence.

Spirits: This User is able to communicate with Spirits and are able to cross over onto the Astral Plane. I.e. that is that they are able to take on the form of a spirit themselves in order to travel from one place to another. However, the spirit and body cannot be separated for long.

Possession: Another rare gift. They are able to take possession of another non magical human being. The more powerful the Druid the longer they are able to possess a body.

Teachers: A few Druids take on the role of teacher. Teachers are the oldest living things on the planet. Like the Gods and Priest/priestess of the Old Religion, these Druids’ never age and can live for all eternity passing on the ways of Druidism… They can be killed but only by a far greater power. Teachers are always males. The power of a teacher is the ability to live on and immense knowledge of all things that have passed.

Whispering: A rare gift that few are capable of. Depending on the Druid, the whisperer can talk to either animals or the dead.

Learned Powers:
These are powers that Sorcerers/Magic Users must LEARN and be taught to perform.
At my discretion I may ask you to limit the amount of basic powers you have. So that your character does not become all powerful, you should try to balance out powers with flaws. In other words, you should understand that even for someone born with magic, they do make mistakes and can’t do everything; also some things take more power than others.

Rating system:
*Easy to do. <In other words. All Druids can do this.
**Takes effort and practice.
***Takes extremely powerful or a well practised Druid.

Spells and incantations: Exactly what it says on the tin. To read spells. ALL Magic Users can do this as they must be able to to perform any feat of magic. *

Minor shields: These shields can fend off attack from minor spells. *

Telepathy and/or thought projection: Communicate mentally with others. Druids can speak to humans telepathically but the humans are not able to speak back. All Druids are able to speak to one another this way. Magic or not.*

Animation: Can make inanimate objects come to life, can only be used for certain lengths of time. The magic usually dies on its own depending on the power of the user casting the spell. **

Telekinesis: Ability to move objects with one’s mind. **

Deflection: Only works on another magic. It’s the ability to push someone’s magic back at them. For instance if they attack you with an energy bolt, you can deflect it back at them. **

Force: Using force to push an attacker back. It’s a minor version of a force field. It doesn’t put up a shield to protect you but can push the attacker away. **

Fire: Unlike elemental power, it’s the ability to create small fires. You have no control over it but are able to make it and use it, etc. **

Conjuring: The ability to conjure any object. **

Force fields: Can defend off all spells and for some, can even push humans and mortal weapons back. Can only be done by well practised Druids or extremely powerful ones. ***

Energy bolts/balls: Streams of electricity, such as lightening from ones hand. ***

Fire bolts/balls: Works like electricity but instead sends a bolt of fire at the opponent. ***

Cloaking: The ability to hide yourself (and only yourself) from detection, may not work on another Sorcerer/Druid. Depends on the power using it. ***


Additional information on Druids: Druids should either be from the North. (The Kingdom's over Hadrian's wall. Or be formed in the Forests surrounding the Kingdom's of Albion.)

Where do Druids live: in Druid Clans in the forest or in villages above (The North) of Hadrian's wall.

Can my Druid not know s/he's a druid: No. Please don't... Like I said, I want Druid's who live in the clans. We're trying to build a plot with these characters.

Can they live in Camelot: No. Preferably not... If you have a solid reason then perhaps.

How do I become a teacher?
ONE: Has to be Male.
TWO: Has to be over the age of 50.
THREE: They are granted the posistion by a past teacher and a 'God' of of the Old Religion. Which is why they are immortal. PB has to be older, go from around 50+ as that is when they'd be granted role as Teacher.
They'd be chosen to be a teacher for the following:
-They have been an assistant to a teacher.
-They are gracious, wise and/or kind.

In the Old Religion Gods are much like those you'd find in Ancient Rome. Gods with holds over dominions. They worship their gods strictly but as with any religion, belief in the gods is just faith. There is no proof the gods exist. When I say they have to get permission for a God I mean that it is a belief that powers of a teacher are given from the Gods themselves because of the sheer power that is contained there.

Teachers can die but only by another powerful sorcerer/druid. They 'pass' their gift on to an assistant. They're reward is a posistion in Avalon as a 'God'. A Minor God, not in control of anything, just someone who has power in the next world.

What basic powers can I do? Let's say anything with one star, as an easy power, is something all Druids can do. Though, it does of course take practice and something that is learned still.