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Ruarí Ó Lochlainn
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Ruarí Ó Lochlainn
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The sun was up, the sky was blue, birds were singing, and Ruarí was enjoying it all. It’d been a while since he’d taken any time for himself to really enjoy life, nature and the simpler, beautiful things. Being from Ireland he had a natural passion for wide, open, green spaces. He was slightly disappointed with himself that it had taken him so long to find such a space here.

It’d been chance actually that he’d found himself in the open lands. Having grown bored with his day to day routine in Camelot, he’d decided to go exploring. In the many months that he’d been in the city he’d familiarized himself with almost every nook and cranny of the marketplace, the town and the lower city. He’d avoided the castle at all costs – too dangerous to go there. And he’d even seen a bit of the forests. But he’d yet to venture past the trees, past the city walls and out in to the greater land.

After wandering for several hours he’d found the hills, the green, the open lands. Instantly his world seemed a little brighter, and he was smiling – something he hadn’t done in quite some time. It reminded him of home – it reminded him of Ireland. For a moment everything else, all the good and bad things that had happened since he’d been tricked into coming to Camelot, it all seemed to disappear. He was just content and free.

Excitement building, Ruarí ran through the grass a short distance, finally collapsing and lying down amongst the cool green blades. Feeling the dirt and grass beneath him was a rejuvenating feeling. He’d missed it so much. Even the smell was different out here – away from the stink of the city.

As Ruarí lay there, mind wandering in a haze of happiness, he was abruptly brought back to Earth when he heard a voice. Fear instantly grabbed him. He knew that he was exposed, out in the open – no where to hide. Panicked, he stumbled and eventually managed to get himself to his feet. Frantically, he looked around, both trying to see who it was he’d heard and, if possible, where his best route of escape would be.