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Name: Nimueh Aleines
Age: 100
Type: Socerer
Nobility: Priestess
Origins: Camelot
Occupation: Priestess
Eye colour: bright blue
Hair colour: brown
Played By: Michelle Ryan
General Appearance: Nimueh has always been considered pretty. Her vivid blue eyes have been considered captivating by just about everybody who has met her, and can from innocent to unforgiving steel in a heartbeat. Her dark, wavy hair is often intricately braided and often seems to change length and thickness from day to day. Despite her age, she looks no older than foster daughter, Morgause.

Her raggedy and worn clothes makes it seem as if she has fallen on hard times - which can be considered true in just about every way. It has been a long time since she has worn the finery of her youth, but if she tries she can still be mistaken for a noble by someone who does not know her.
Skills: her biggest skill is her magic, but she is also a good endurance runner and can persuade people easily if she puts her mind to it. She is also fantastic at disguising herself and hiding in the most obvious of places.
Weaknesses: she tends to listen to her anger above reason. If a chance arises for vengeance, then she will take it no matter the cost.
Personality Overview: Nimueh is an extremely enigmatic and antagonistic witch. She is loyal to her people almost to a fault, and her desire to avenge those killed in the Great Purge by Uther is all that drives her at current moment. Her persuasive speaking has managed to convince many foes to join her side, and has driven others to their death through gambits that end in their murders more often than not.

Many people would call Nimueh slightly mad. It may be true, but she has always been a little off, even before the Purge and the guilt that has been laden on her shoulders ever since. In the years after the Purge and the day she caused it inadvertently, however, it has gotten worse. Most of the time she puts on a composed face - but in a few, rare moments of weakness, the madness shines through.

Some of her gambits could also be considered insane, but they are successful more than they aren't. Clear examples of her cunning, they could easily go wrong in more than one way but, inexplicably, they always work out.

Sorcerer/Druid?: Sorceress, Priestess of the Old Religion.
Powers: Nimueh has an extremely capable control over the element of water. She can make it begin to rain without even blinking. She is also a Seer, and has recently seen Merlin killing her in her dreams, and an Empath. She is, of course, able to use all spells and incantations, and can create shields. She is an able conjurer, though she prefers not to because it tends to tire her. She is good at deflection, animation and telekinesis. Her favourites of her learned abilities, however, are the abilities to create force fields and to cloak herself.


Mother: Anne Aleines
Father: Tristran Aleins
Siblings: none
Spouse: none - as a Priestess, she kept herself pure
Heir's and Children: none
History: Nimueh was born a full century ago in a time that was so boring even historians seem to forget it exists. The Empire still stood - although the cracks were beginning to appear - and peace, for the most part, reigned. Barbarians were kept in check by the Empire's soldiers, so, for the most part, people were safe. Nimueh was born into a noble family and she was raised amongst luxury.

She had just turned thirteen, however, when her powers were suddenly noticed. They attempted to behead her; in a panic, she sent the executioner and guards flying and ran for the woods. She met the Druids there, and she remained with them for months before she emerged from the forest. Her parents had, by that time, bought out the members of the Church nearby, and once again she lived in a luxuriant home. But her trust had been shaken and she found herself distanced from that life. After another two years, she took off again.

It was almost three weeks later when was found by a Priestess of the Old Religion. The woman recognised her powers and began to train her in the ways of the Old Religions. (That Priestess has since died - killed in the Great Purge, or so Nimueh assumes.) She was in her late fifties when she finished her training and became a Priestess in her own right. She still looked very young, only a little older than she was when she began her training.

The Empire fell and Albion rose in its place. Nimueh became with witch of the royal family of Camelot - the Pendragons. She lived in peace for years until King Uther's new bride, Igraine, could not conceive a child. Nimueh tried to warn him of the consequences if she went through with his request, but he insisted and so she disturbed the balance of life and death to create a heir. Igraine died, and Uther, in an irrational anger and hatred he still hasn't given up, declared war or all magic users. The Great Purge had begun. As Nimueh fled Camelot, she vowed she would get revenge.


Roleplaying example: Bright blue eyes shone in the moonlight as Nimueh made her way through the woods in a slow, cat-like walk. Her smile seemed rather feline and predatory, but if anyone was to see her, it would quickly become a happy, sickeningly chirpy smile. The leaves beneath her feet just barely crackled under her feet, although it seemed extremely loud in the quiet night air.

She came to the edge of the trees and her smile became genuine. In front of her lay the sea, with a small dock stretching out into it. A boat bobbed in the gently sloping waves as they rolled in, attacked to the wooden structure with an invisible cord. Nimueh strolled towards it, barefoot, almost dancing across the dewy grass. She could faintly make out, even from here, the looming, ominous shape of the Isle of the Blessed. She sat down in the boat and her eyes burned gold. The boat set off and she laughed gleefully.

The Isle of the Blessed had become her home in the past few decades, and it was the home of the Old Religion, too. Perhaps that was why it was her home, too - after all, the Old Religion was the only reason she still walked this earth.

Nimueh settled down for a long ride, a smile still playing across her lips. She couldn't wait to be home.


Your Name: Hiddenfilly
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Roleplaying experience: quite a bit - I've been roleplaying on and off for a bit over four years now.
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