Looking for a spy (open)

Morgause le Fey
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Morgause le Fey
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Morgause who was magically disgusied, was at the castle, attending the Feast Of The Moon. She had to get away from Uther for awhile, and left the castle and began walking about the grounds.

She also had another motive for her walk....she was looking for a spy. Morgause knew there had to be at least one servant of the castle, who for a few extra coins in their pocket, would be willing to spy for her.

It was just a matter of finding the right person.

Morgause walked around the grounds, carefully looking at each person, she had to pick just the right one, or her plan would backfire.

She needed someone who could keep tabs on Uther and his plans, on the Knights and where they would be traveling, but more importantly, on her beloved Sister Morgana.

"There has to be someone" she thought to herself as she walked about the grounds. "I can't be gone from the feast too long or someone will notice."

Then Morgause's eyes brightened. "The stables" she thought to herself. Smiling she quickly headed for the castle's stables.

Once there, she began looking around for the poorest stable worker, who for some extra coins would be willing to spy for her.