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understanding terms that you'll see around the site.
  • stands for/AKA -- Alternate Universe. (Sometimes known as Alternate Reality; AR).

    what it means -- Basically as it suggests, a world where something changed in the story. Uther died and Arthur is King, or where Morgana was named as Uther's daughter or where Merlin is a noble, etc.</li>
  • stands for/AKA -- The word stems from the Literary Canon. A group of books/authors considered to be great and influential. In RP it refers to the list of Canon characters.

    what it means -- These are the characters that are in the show. Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, Guinevere. They're characters that are relevant to the series or mentioned.</li>
  • stands for/AKA -- Shortened term for Chat Box. Can also be ICbox (In character Chat box ((Below))) or OOCbox (Out of character Chat box).

    what it means -- You all know this one.</li>
  • stands for/AKA -- Also known as Celeb Claim or PB (played-by).

    what it means -- It is basically the name of the actor/singer/model you are using to portray your character. For example, Colin Morgan plays Merlin. Canons on the site should use their show representative.</li>
  • stands for/AKA -- N/A.

    what it means -- A group of people who focus on a show/book/movie/celeb etc. In this case we're a Merlin fandom.</li>
  • stands for/AKA -- Sometimes it is called Power-Playing. There is another definition of Powerplay below.

    what it means -- Taking control of another writer’s character. (Very much frowned upon.) Not to be confused with NPCing, below. If you intend to God Mod another character, you must have that persons permission. It does not count when the other character is not being played; E.G Merlin God-modding Arthur if Arthur was not being played on the forum. Not to be confused with NPCing (below).</li>
  • stands for/AKA -- In Character.

    what it means -- Talking as your character rather than as yourself. I.e. -Merlin laughed at Gaius- rather than Mikayla laughed at Tracey. xD</li>
  • stands for/AKA -- In Character Cbox.

    what it means -- Is basically like IM rping. :) You must be in character at all times.</li>
  • stands for/AKA -- MS and GS. Sue.

    what it means -- Mary and her twin Gary are the ever perfect, ever annoying characters. They're perfect in every way, usually had a troubled past including horrific murder of parents and/or violent abuse. But s/he lives through it with a smile and the occasional mopey thread. At the end of the day, Mary and Gary will save the day, bring peace back to the land and be the best friend to every single character... You can't help but fall in love with them (mostly because if you don't, then you'll get a stroppy sue on your hands!) Not all Sue's are like this of course and you can find a more detailed description here and even take a test here <fair warning: it's long!</li>
  • stands for/AKA -- Member of the Month.

    what it means -- KTMS does not currently do a Member of the Month.</li>
  • stands for/AKA -- Non-Played character.

    what it means -- This means in threads where there are a crowd of people and you as the writer are controlling characters, they are characters that have not been app'd and do not belong to any member of the forum. Creating NPC's is always welcomed, as it adds depth and character to the world we are trying to create. NPC's are creatures in the forest, barmaids in the taverns, maids in the castle, etc.</li>
  • stands for/AKA -- Original Character.

    what it means -- Originals are the property of the person who created them and are therefore separate from the 'canon characters' as they have no place in the actual series. (But a very special place on the site). KTMS examples, Taran, Betheine, Mirabelle.</li>
  • stands for/AKA -- Out of Character. In Fanfics/RP threads sometimes noted as AN. Author notes.

    what it means -- Opposite of our IC really. Mikayla laughing at Tracey, not Merlin laughing at Gaius. You may see OOC notes at the bottom of an RP post. E.g. OOC: Hope this is ok!</li>
  • stands for/AKA -- Some people refer to this as God-Modding (above).

    what it means -- For me Power-playing is using your OOC knowledge IC. So, because the writer of character A knows character B is really a sorcerer, makes their character treat B as a sorcerer rather than a stranger they know nothing about.</li>
  • stands for/AKA -- Theft.

    what it means -- Not necessarily RP related really but I think it deserves a spot. Plagiarism is stealing anything creative that does not belong to you. Applications/Characters/Graphics/Skins, etc. On KTMS the penalty for plagiarism is an automatic ban if you're caught. It is not acceptable.</li>
  • stands for/AKA -- Relationship or Shipping. Sometimes Friendship.

    what it means -- It basically refers to two characters that are or should be in a relationship. Arthur/Gwen for example.</li>
If there is anything missing please PM me (Mikayla) and I'll add it. If you don't understand something, similiarly, feel free to PM me about it.

This definition page was made by Mikayla for KTMS and cannot be reposted anywhere without permission. Thank you.