Checking On her Sister(open to Morgana + ?)

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Morgause stood in a room of the once beautiful, magnificant castle that was now in ruins; but it served her purposes. The room she was in, was at one time the Castle's kitchen. In here, Morgause still prepared herself food to eat, but also prepared potions, and performed other forms of magic here. She also most of the time, would eat in here too.

Today, she was not there for food or potions. On a table she had a bowl filled with water. Her intent was to check on her Sister Morgana.
”Draíocht uisce nocht mé a chroí a stór Sister Morgana to mé!"

Morgause waved her hands over the water and soon an image began to form. Within moments she was able to see her sister Morgana. She was, as Morgause suspected, in Camelot, in the Castle.

Morgause concentrated on the image of her sister, and then using her power of telepathy, limited as it may be, she attempted to make contact with her Sister.

"Morgana, do not fear me, for I am someone you can trust. I am someone who cares about you, and what happens to you." Sadly Morgause's limited telepathy ability, left her with no choice to but to end things there.

She smiled as she stuck her index finger into the water, causing ripples, which erased the image; when she removed her finger, all anyone would see is water.

"It is begun" she thought. "Now I just have to gain her trust, and then her effection."

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