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Gundam Extreme Vs Full Boost Info thread

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December 28th, 2011, 6:02 pm #1

Info for the next entry in the Vs series has been unveiled. First, for those who missed it when I posted it in the original Extreme Vs topic; the leaked pamphlet

And here's the article on andriasang released a few days ago:

Every unit will have an Extreme Burst attack.

Update: There was a conference on Dec.7 and here are the rumors so far:
wrote:EXVS Full Boost preview info

・Uses Bandai-Namco Passport Card Reader
・Uses SSD
・Maximum number of networked machines up from 8 to 12

Game Content

・No new systems added
・Substantial additions to MS, stages, BGM (Including additions from PS3 version?)
・Stargazer and Noir confirmed, Allelujah? (original post calls it his "battery Gundam", lawl)
・Competitive balance adjusted
・Convergence between home and arcade
・Voices can be set to English for a fee
・New units can be purchased
・Purchasing new units benefits both the maker (BN) and operator (arcade)

Gundam (Cost: 2000)
a: Beam Rifle (CS)
b: Beam Saber
ab: Hyper Bazooka
ac: Beam Javelin (Throw)
bc: Core Fighter/Guntank Summon
Burst Attack: Saber Uppercut -> Last Shooting

Zeong (Cost: 2000)
a: Finger MPC (CS)
b: Wired Arm
ab: Finger MPC (focused)
ac: Waist MPC
bc: Psycommu Wired Arm (Launch)
Burst Attack: (unknown)

Gyan (Cost: 2000)
a: Shield Missile (CS)
b: Beam Saber
ab: Hide Bomb
ac: Adzam Assist
bc: Shield Stance
Burst Attack: Hydrogen Bomb

The-O (Cost: 2500)
a: Beam Rifle (CS)
b: Beam Sword
ab: Palace Athene Assist
ac: Bolinoak Sahmaan Assist
bc: Pressure
Burst Attack (unknown)

Nu Gundam (Cost: 530? typo? probably 3000)
a: Beam Rifle (CS)
b: Beam Saber
ab: Fin Funnel
ac: Hyper Bazooka
bc: FF Barrier
Burst Attack: Nu Last Shooting

Gundam DX (Cost: 3000)
a: DX Custom Beam Rifle
b: Hyper Beam Sword
ab: Airmaster B/Leopard D Assist
ac: Twin Satellite Cannon
bc: G-Bit Assist
Burst Attack: G-Falcon TSC + G-Bits

Wing Zero Custom (Cost: 3000)
a: Buster Rifle (CS)
b: Beam Saber
ab: Machinecannon
ac: Rolling Buster Rifle
bc: Flight
Burst Attack: Triple TBR

Freedom (Cost: 3000)
a: Beam Rifle (CS)
b: Beam Saber
ab: Balaena/Xiphas
ac: Hi-MAT Full Burst
bc: Side Roll
Burst Attack: (unknown)

Strike Noir (Cost: 2500)
a: Beam Rifle Shorty (CS)
b: Fragrach 3 (CS)
ab: Linear Guns
ac: Verde Buster Summon
bc: Anchor Launcher (Launch)
Burst Attack: Fragrach 3 Combo

Dynames (Cost: 2000)
a: GN Sniper Rifle
b: GN Beam Saber
ab: GN Beam Pistol
ac: GN Missile
bc: GN Full Shield
Burst Attack:

Gouf Custom (Cost: 1000)
a: 75mm Gatling/3-Barrel 35mm Gatling
b: Heat Saber
ab: Heat Rod
ac: Heat Rod (Movement)
bc: Heat Rod (Vertical)
Burst Attack: Heat Rod Combo

Astray Blue Frame Second L (Cost: 2000)
a: Beam Rifle (CS)
b: Armor Schneider (CS)
ab: Bazooka
ac: Tactical Arms (Throw)
bc: Tactical Arms (Sword Form)
Burst Attack: (unknown)

Machines with "(unknown)" Burst Attacks weren't available in the version at the show. They'll be added in the final version.

The catalog distributed before the show listed some more units:
・Gundam Throne
・Blue Destiny 1

Everything already in ExVs (including Hi-Nu) will be in by default.

People were allowed to play the game at the show, but because they were inexperienced he didn't get much data and apologizes for that.

First, the catalog offered at the event.
The catalog mentions machines from Beltorchika's Children (Hi-Nu) and Stargazer.
At the event, you could use Noir and an image of Stargazer was shown.
Blue Destiny 1 was also in the image.

There are some concerns from the catalog.
It looks like everything gets a Burst Attack now.
Previously only high-cost and some mid-cost units had it, but apparently FB will give them to everything.
For example, the Gun-EZ's listed Burst Attack is "Shrike Team".
The Gouf Custom's new "Heat Rod Combo" move was usable in the show build.

The Gundam DX was playable and gained an impressive amount of assists.
The scene for ZZ even showed the Zeta Zaku.
Also, it seems like there are more Charge Shots this time around.
The Gundam's "Core Fighter/Guntank Assist" changes depending on the level.

Gameplay impressions:
Mostly skips info on units from the previous game and home version.
Also the info might be off since the players were unskilled.

First, the Zeong.
The "Wired Arm" melee attack seems to resemble the Hamma-Hamma's moves in Next.
But it looks like its melee moves are better than the Hamma-Hamma's.
Looks like it has good boost abilities, but it's hard to tell.

Next the Gyan.
First appearance since AEUG vs Titans DX (obviously he forgot about Gundam vs Zeta).
The main weapon missiles seem strong.
The CSa is "Char's Gelgoog Assist"
As a fan he wonders why M'Quve would ask Char for help, but he liked M'Quve's quotes when using the move.
The "Shield Stance" holds the shield out front and automatically blocks damage except from the front (probably works like the various armor forms like Deathscythe and Dynames')
The "Hydrogen Missile" is based off of M'Quve's use of one at Odessa.
Whether the Gundam can disarm it by chopping off the tip is unconfirmed...

Now for The-O.
Its CSa is a quad beam rifle shot while sliding forward.
For the assists, the Palace Athene rushes in with a beam saber thrust while the Bolinoak Sahmaan plays defense.
Might be like Qubeley's which are based on its HP.
The "Pressure" bc is the same as Qubeley's.
The hidden hands are part of its differing melee attacks.

Next, Freedom.
Its CSa is "Justice Assist", which can be comboed into melee moves.

Lastly, Strike Noir.
It returns after Alliance vs ZAFT II Plus.
Both CSes are fiercer than in the previous version.
The barrage shot has the flips/cartwheels like in the old version.

Those are his impressions; he apologizes for not getting better info.

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December 30th, 2011, 2:29 am #2

Unless they bring back Altron and Kampfer, I'll stick with EXVS :hmmm:

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December 30th, 2011, 2:12 pm #3

I take it we're going to be waiting a long time before this update comes from Arcades to consoles

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December 30th, 2011, 2:55 pm #4

2013 at the very least, I don't think they would want to release it next winter since Gundam Musou 4 should be coming out by then if Koei's following the same pattern as the last 2 games.


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January 1st, 2012, 3:03 pm #5

Sorry for double posting I don't know how to bump threads, but the first post has been updated with the rumored preview information from one of Bandai's conferences that I omitted.

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January 13th, 2012, 2:07 am #6

New scan:

Uploaded with

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January 28th, 2012, 8:00 am #7

Bump for another scan, fully confirming Thone Drei/Nena and possibly her brothers as Support for her.
[+] Spoiler
If this comes to PS3, screw the price, I'll get it and so main Nena.....>w>.

[+] Spoiler

Playable Nena Trinity.
Promote Tiffa Adill to playable from Operator.
Playable Reiji.
Playable Mao.
Mihoshi/Kirara as Operator at least.
Playable Ellis Claude.
Playable Claire Heathrow.

Gundam Throne Drei.
Gundam X Maou.
Build Strike Gundam.
Phoenix Gundam.
Halphas Gundam..

(If you don't know any of the Characters after Mihoshi, PM me and I'll let you know who they are XD.)

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January 28th, 2012, 10:24 am #8

・Voices can be set to English for a fee


and regarding gyan's shield, can block attacks from all sides EXCEPT from the FRONT? that's just weird

also, does the zeong and gundam retains their critical damage modes from NP?(headless gundam and zeong head mode)

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January 28th, 2012, 8:21 pm #9

In the recent trailer for Exvs dlc Zeong retains the head mode, so it' safe to assume it'll be that way for Full Boost, but I don't know about Gundam. Also, in that scan XDivider posted, it says Full Boost will be playable at the AOU on February 18.

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February 4th, 2012, 4:37 pm #10