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7:38 PM - Dec 21, 2011 #1

Seeing as there was no revamp this year...

As you probably know, KN's currently going through a bit of a dip in activity. While we, as staff, hold our hands up for this, in an attempt to keep KN fresh and with the times, we've taken the site for a bit of a jog and it's slimmed down a few dress sizes, and as a result is now easier to navigate, more streamlined and also open to guests, such as YOU. No, not you, the other you. Yeah, you. Guests can now come and see what they're missing on not being a member of the world's greatest forum.

However, as ever, we're open to criticisms, and if you don't like any of our revamp, then just say so and we'll address it in a special staff council meeting. We can't do it without your support. Thank you.
Toaroni, Head Administrator, Knight-Nui