Buy, Sell, And Trade Disclaimer And Rules

Sous Chef
Sous Chef
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Please use this section at your own risk. Kitchen & Knife will not be responsible for any transaction made from this board.

1. Buy/Sell/Trade here on Kitchen & Knife at your own risk. Always get complete contact information before anything is shipped.

2. Post new threads in the proper forum.

3. No links to auction sites, forums or other sale sites.

4. Post a title that accurately describes what you are selling.

5. List the item(s) for sale clearly and post a reasonable price. Websites may not just link back to their site.

6. Product being sold must be in seller's possession. No pre-orders.

7. No counterfeit, illegal, prohibited items where the user must be 18+ to purchase.

Violating any of these rules risks an infraction, thread closing, thread deletion or even a ban.
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