Derby Ball & Edwards Corp. Baseball Bats

Derby Ball & Edwards Corp. Baseball Bats

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In 1920 Edwards & Edwards Co. merged with Derby & Ball forming Derby, Ball & Edwards Corp. and began making baseball bats. In 1933 the company relocated to Barre VT. and made bats under the name Derby Bat Corp. In 1931 DBE advertised the patented "Mountain Treatment" that made the bats stronger and snappier and Some Derbymade bat models had the "EYE FOCUSED" logo "which helps the eye" Read More...> ... allbat.htm

Interesting to Note: in a January 13, 1933 newspaper it was reported that J.A Hellerich, makers of Louisville Slugger "purchased the Derby-Ball-Edwards bat company, including patented processes for making bats." The story was retracted 3 days later as being "erroneously reported." The January 15 article went on to state that J.A Hellerich only purchased "personal property connected with the baseball bat business, and did not secure any patented process" I'm suspicious of the last part of that statement as this is the same time period that Louisville Slugger patented their "Powerized" process for treating baseball bats. The 1931 description made by the Derby-Ball-Edwards bat company about the "Mountain Treated" baseball bats is similar to the "Powerized" Patent granted to Louisville Slugger in 1933. is now on Facebook! Come by, 'Like' this page and become a Fan. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Visit KeyMan Collectibles on Facebook by clicking the following Link:

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