Autograph authentication

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I recently purchased a David Ortiz 8x10 autograph photo. The photo come with a paas hologram certificate. I searched paas and found nothing but negative reports. Is paas a legit company or did I get ripped off.

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Hello Rey,

Even if you post a picture of the autograph I could not tell you if the signature is real or fake. My opinion is no better or worse, than anyone else. Opinions could be wrong and means nothing. Before you buy an autograph, always do your homework first, especially if you are not familiar with the company that authenticated the signature.

A trusted company will use serial numbed tamper proof stickers on the item signed that match the C.O.A. Some items are "slabbed" and encased. You could also look up the signature on line using the serial number. The company will also guarantee it's authenticity, and if proven otherwise refund the money you spent in auction or sale.

If you buy an autograph that is not properly authenticated you are gambling the money on the chances that it is real.

Here is a link to the website that covers the basics, and has a partial list of trusted & repeatable companies.

The Value of a C.O.A - Certificate of Authenticity

I am not familiar with PAAS but here is a great website that covers the topic.> ... -from-ebay

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