Auction Alert ! - Circa 1890-1893 Original J.F. Hillerich & Son "Copy Righted" Center Brand Bat (PSA/DNA)

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Auction Alert ! - The bat offered here at Goldinauctions is stamped with “J.F. Hillerich and Son,” and unlike later Louisville Slugger bats, the center brand on these early models are “reversed,” meaning its placement is facing the opposite way than is found on later bats. The phrase “COPY RIGHTED” is found under the center brand that was later replaced with “TRADE MARK” in 1894. When submitted to PSA/DNA, their experts declared it the first “COPY RIGHTED” version they have examined. These distinctions identified on the center brand make this the earliest known bat marked with “J.F. Hillerich and Son Louisville Slugger.” Read More... ... 43022.aspx