Anyone know what this is worth ??

Anyone know what this is worth ??

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Well I m sorry I don't know how 2 post a photo but I have a wooden bat I found that says on it in a circle on the side ... Louisville Slugger r
100 w
Hollering & Bradsby Co
Made in USA
Louisville, KY.

Above it it says Oil Tempered with a squiggly line under it

Then st the very top it says
DART (with a actual DART going through it
Louisville Slugger

And that's all it says on it I wish I cold send photos but it won't let me

My question is , is this bat worth anything ? Is there any interesting or even uninteresting story behind it ?

Thank you for reading and any help u can give will be greatly appreciated thank you m all in advance ...

- D h L -

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Hello Jason,

Great description. I have seen this softball bat in a catalog before but can't find it at the moment. If it has a Registered Trademark circle (R) after the word "Slugger" it was made after 1964. Without it shortly before. Either way it wouldn't effect the value.

The bulk of the collectors value for baseball bat relies on the player endorsement. Without a player endorsement, as with the "Dart" softball bat, it would have to be in exceptional condition to get more than $15. for it. -Steven KeyMan is now on Facebook! Come by, 'Like' this page and become a Fan. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Visit KeyMan Collectibles on Facebook by clicking the following Link:

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