1926 AP original news photo

1926 AP original news photo

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After my mother passed a while ago, I found a photograph of Babe Ruth, Earl Coombs, and Bob Meusel in the dugout.

Part of the caption for the photo on the back is SLUG (Ruth Trio) and says they comprise most of the "Murderers Row" for the Yankees and are expected to blast through the series with the St Louis Cards. The date on the bottom is 9-30-26. Also a stamped square part on the back has NEWS -BEE Reference Dept. Oct 1926, File A1

Could this be an actual original photo from the period and how much could it be worth?


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Hello Dan,

There are different classifications of News photos, and they would all be from the "Period"

A Wire photo, also known as Wirephoto, Laserphoto or telephoto, was made by major news services, such as the Associated Press (AP), or United Press International(UPI)

The wirephoto is the end result, when the original News Service Photograph was placed in a wirephoto machine and sent out via "wire" (transmitted through telegraph or telephone wires) to one or many Newspapers for publication. The process was similar to sending and receiving a fax. The photo printed out in the receiving wirephoto machine is the wirephoto, not the original Press Photo that was used.

During the making of the wirephotos, the News service would place the paper caption strip at the bottom of the source photograph, and that would be part of the scanned image sent through the telephone wires. The resulting wirephoto will have the caption as part of the photographic image.

The Collectors value for wire photos are lower than the original News Service Photograph used to make the Wirephotos. They are 2nd generation copies, and as such the clarity and quality of the image is not as good as the original. The Paper used to processes the wire photos was very thin, that tended to age poorly, with fading and sepia toning.

The value for both will vary based on the subject matter, historic significance, and player(s) pictured. A Babe Ruth, Earl Coombs, and Bob Meusel "Murderers Row" News Photo tied in with the 1926 World Series should have a nice value.

Value is based on past auctions and sales, but without doing any research I could only give you an opinion, and an estimated value of $100. and up. If you post some scans of the photo front and back, using photobucket (see below)or send pictures to my email Steve@keymancollectibles.com I should be able to help you out further.

You could also post the pictures to facebook if you have an account (see info below)-Steven

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