Negi has Godly powers.

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September 21st, 2011, 7:46 am #1

Negi tied Rankan,
Negi beat up Fate in super power mode,
and Negi stopped the Mage of the beginning.
like his father.

Negi. Is. The. Bomb. Digity.

NegixChacha forever!

Yes, but heres a question, think he'll get any stronger?
Think He can beat his dad?
Think He can control the powers he already has?
Master's orders are Absolute.

**** is going down when the Otaku calls you a nerd.

I am one chair throw away from having a B***h fit.

When I get started it takes a train to stop me! That, or well placed argument showing me that I was wrong. (>w<)

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