Here Are The Rules For Now

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Billy G.
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Last updated: March 30, 2008. [Updated by BobCat]

Okay, here are the basic rules:

-Avoid making and reply with stupid/useless posts. This includes things like one sentence questions or an immature post with excessive smileys. (Don't post just for the sake of posting. This includes (but is not limited to) "me, too!" responses, posts consisting entirely of smileys, and non-sequiturs.)

-Don't double post. (If it's an accident, we'll be understanding, but if it becomes a habit, you will be punished.)

-Don't post another topic of one that already exists for your own personal gain. And don't make a thread for anything that you can't back up with truthful info cause that's just some bullcrap you probably heard from a friend of yours.

-Type in a proper manner. This includes spelling, grammar, and content of the post. There's nothing more annoying than a person typing like an idiot. I don't care what your excuse is, just don't do it. (At least attempt to use intelligent grammar and spelling, and to make relatively intelligent posts. Nothing is more annoying than someone who treats a forum like Instant Messenger, or their cell phone's text messaging service.)

-Don't go off topic so much. This isn't a chat room. You don't have to type out your entire conversation in your post after you can't figure what else to write. This is a message board. You post your thoughts, and people reply. That's how it works.

-When you ask something, don't act like you're stupid or you're sorry. It's annoying when you do that and post the smiley a bunch of times next to it. Be confident and happy when you ask something.

1) No excessive or useless spam.
2) No excessive swearing.
3) No porn/adult stuff. This includes nudity.
4) No thread crapping or hijacking.
5) No racism, bigotry, or any other types of ignorant comments.
6) Do not start, instigate, or participate in flame wars.
7) You cannot act in an abusive or hateful manner, nor harass, threaten, or attack anyone on this forum.
8) If you want to post something that might be inappropriate, clearly label the thread with a *WARNING* and link the material. If you are unsure, you can always ask a moderator or myself.
9) This forum is not responsible for anything read or posted here. You're responsible for yourself.
10) We reserve the right to deny membership to anyone without any reason or prior notice. Banning works the same way.
11) Keep your avatars and signatures reasonable. We don't need to see pictures that take up half the screen on our monitors.
12) Let's keep the board on a fun level. No religion, politics, and downer topics. Those topics are like powder kegs, and cause more problems than they are worth. This rule also applies to sigs and avatars. Let's have fun and not bring these three categories on this board in any way shape or form.
13) Impersonating another user is forbidden and the penalty is warned status on first offense and banning on the second. You will not change or register your ID so it is similar to someone else's either, this counts.
14) Board rules apply to the IRC Channel #KenAkamatsu.

Punishments for breaking rules
1) Warning
2) Final warning
3) 2-3 day ban
4) 1 week ban
5) 1 month ban
6) Permanent ban

On warnings...
The warning system has a ranking bar that ranks you from 1 to 5. Obviously 5 is the most severe. In order to decrease your warn level, just go along your day as a normal person would. Sooner or later a mod will notice and decrease your warn level. If this doens't happen, politely let a mod know and we will fix that.

The Report Button
I've seen a few people misuse the Report button. It's right next to the reply and quote button. The Report button is only supposed to be used when you see trouble or potential trouble and you think we should be notified of it. Not for any other reason. Abuse of the button will result in an immediate ban.

A few additional clauses
1) Punishments do not have to be followed in that order.
2) If you post something that's just plain stupid or you act like and idiot, you're taking a vacation.
3) This site's all about Ken Akamatsu's greatest works. So be prepared to receive negative feedback on some things.

And remember, contact a mod or the admin if there are any questions, comments, or problems.

It is permitted to post in ancient threads for the time being due to the fact that this board has been pretty much dead for 6 months up to 7/29/2007. So if you see a topic you want to continue, go for it.

And since Billy G. is not here that often (very rarely does he show up) PM your requests to Kohane-chan instead of him and she will respond as soon as she can.

Additional rules:
15) No railing against the OAL. If you don't like them, fine. But if you cause trouble, you'll get warnings and may even be banned.
16) Board rules also apply to the shoutbox.
17) You will not "reputation bomb" anyone. This is defined as leaving multiple positive or negative comments in reputation. You will not work together with others to reputation bomb anyone. Limit one comment per person per day.
18) No advertising other forums. However, you can ask to be an affiliate. PM me for details.

19) In an attempt to facilitate the increase of tolerance toward people of faith, I have created a special forum called Advanced Anime Topics. Here will be discussed topics involving philosophical, moral or faith dimensions of anime/manga. There are special rules for access to this subforum. This room is the only exception to rule 12.
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