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The moderators are here to be your friends, not your parents. But every now and then a bad seed comes along, or a conflict arises, and in those cases, the mods will be here to intervene.

To avoid being the bad seed or conflict, please read (or at least skim the bold) the rules below:

01: Be nice. You're allowed to disagree with each other, but don't make personal attacks.

02: Stay on topic. Read the descriptions of each topic and forum before posting. Tangents are inevitable, but please try to steer your way back to the original topic of the post.

03: Respect Kristin's private life. You may discuss any aspect of Kristin's private life that she herself has spoken of publicly. This includes who she's dating and her political stance on issues. If she's said it, it's okay to talk about it.

04. Graphics Rules (PLEASE READ):
- Signatures cannot be HUGE. Let's stick within 500 x 500 pixels for images. If you're not sure if your sig is too big, ask us.
- Give credit to whoever made your signature and/or avatar in your signature.
- Nothing animated. It really slows down page load time.

05. Don't be a pirate! Do not post links to download copyrighted videos or music aka bootlegs. It's illegal. Please don't be the reason we get sued. If you're not sure if it's copyrighted, don't post it. You may, however, link to YouTube because YouTube has its own policy of insuring that copyrighted material isn't posted there.

06. Be cautious. Remember that this is a public board, and any information you share is open to anyone with an email address. Don't post any specific information about yourself that might let someone know where exactly you live, like what school you go to. If someone is creeping you out, send us a private message and let us know.