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Hi All,
Well YES the Kastner Cup race at Miller Motorsports in Tooele was a fantastic time! So good to meet some of you there
Dad, his buddies and myself had the BEST time. Next time I meet you I should have a voice! I have it back now, you just can't hear it.
Congrats to Chuck Gee! You're pic is posted on now, in both the Gallery (lol) and on the Kastner Cup page. Love that jester hat. Adorable daughters!
Next year the race will be held out EAST! Woohoo! Details on it will be posted as they are passed on to me.
I'm also super pleased to announce that after very little pestering, Kas provided me with scans of some HISTORICAL ARTICLES written about him. They're pretty funny & cool. You can download the PDFs or just open them in the site and read.
There will be more to come. And if any of you have some forgotten treasures of Kas-obelia that you can scan and send me for posting, email me... [][/url]
Have a great week all!