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I consider this day as one of the very pleasing days in my life. I am saying so because I heard about Kagnew station website for the first time.I am a son of an Eritrean man who used to work as waiter in Kagnew station. My dad kept telling me good stories about Kagnew station through out my life time.The first time I entered the compound of Gagnew station was in 1997 to teach the disabled fighters there as a national service program right after I complete my second year University Study. I saw all the buildings and the Bar By the Name "TOP five". i couldnot help waiting to see my dad to tell him that I saw Kagnew station.As soon as he came home i told him i saw all the places that he used to work including "Top Five". In his funny jokes my father said what a surprise, How come you see top five "the place of heroes".
He always apreciates the time that he spent there, though his job was not professional. The fact i am not in eritrea i couldnot recall the photos of the white guys who took photo with him. I guess they are all in your photo gallery.

On this remarkable event, i just want to ask you Kagnew Men to find means that i could network my self with you and your children or grand children.I am 26 year old, probabily unborn when you left kagnew station from Eritrea.But I am so eager to associate my self with you guys.
in case you can get the record of my father in your archives
His name is Ghebrehannes ghebregziabiher
his brother working there
Asmerom Ghebre-egziabiher
their place of birth- Adisegudo 1 and half kilometersfrom Kagnew station

The fact my dad was not educated he couldnot establish a network all the past times despite his interest to do so.

wish all the best

Eritrean student in

Boyd Outz
Boyd Outz

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D aHalakumTesfagabir, I was stationed at Kagnw Station(Radio Mariner) From July 1954 until June 1956. I have many pleasant memories of the two years there.The Eriterians called me" DUPA" I didnt know the meaning Good or bad!! Your people were very friendly to me .I learned to love zigini especially chicken. I make it now. also a little Mes.I learned a lot that was good for me.That when I was in a Foreign country I was the foreigner. I am now 72 yrs of age. I am a retired publice school teacher, Principal and county superintendent of schools. I am stille marrie dwith 2 daughters and four grandchildren 2 boys & 2 girls.I'll end by saying THANK YOU for what your people and country taught me!! Boyd Outz