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19 Feb 2015, 21:16 #1

Ranking Box BEST10 Most Impressive Lives in 2014 - #10 Jun. K -- December 28th, 2014
#10 - Jun. K (from2PM)『Jun. K (From 2PM) Solo Tour “LOVE & HATE”』/ May 27th Makuhari Messe in Chiba

Jun. K's Solo Mini Album『LOVE& HATE』which I listened to the most this year. His talent as a songwriter, the nature of his amazing voice quality, the skillfullness of his songs, the entire feeling of his work. They were carried along in his solo live. There's no reason for it to not be good. Through the rich, expressive power of his lyrical-like voice, I've become fixed on him.
Ranking Box's chief editor's tweets praising Jun. K following the release of his DVD -- February 19th, 2015
Jun.K's live DVD&BD『Jun. K (From 2PM) Solo Tour“LOVE & HATE” in MAKUHARI MESSE』was released. The Mukahari Messe LIVE was good. The truth is, I'm really anticipating the live CD because I want to listen to it on high volume with headphones (^○^)

Last year's live report of Jun. K http://rankingbox.jp/article/775 This is an article by a writer; my personal thoughts were, as I thought, that I think he's a wonderful R&B singer in both a cool and hard world, and an oppressive world. Above all else, that is the kind of voice he has. The power of his songs and his unique power of expression can be enjoyed more when it's live.

I was reminded by Jun. K's live DVD that I was also touched by Lang Lang-san in the performance of "REAL LOVE" on Music Japan. The powerful and sorrowful delicate piano-playing, overlapping with his lyrical voice... I found myself welling up with indescribable emotion and I was so touched that I remember immediately contacting his record company saying, "That was amazing!"

Now, I'm at home watching Jun. K's LIVE DVD. His ability to self-produce is really amazing. So, once again I thought, I like "With You," "REAL LOVE," and "NO LOVE" ~^o^.
Ranking Box's chief editor's blog post about his thoughts on Jun. K -- February 19th, 2015
"The talent named Jun. K" -- 2/19 (Thursday)

Jun. K, the lead singer of popular Korean group 2PM, released his mini album, "LOVE & HATE" last year.

It's the album that I listened to the most last year.

I saw the finale for this album's tour last May at Makuhari Messe.

I was so emotionally moved. The DVD & Blu-ray of the live that was recorded was released yesterday on the 18th.

I came to love the talents of the artist called Jun. K.

Whether as a composer or as a singer, he's precisely an "artist."

The album "LOVE & HATE" is also wonderful.

He received a lot of influence from R&B artists and R&B music, such as R. Kelly and D'Angelo. Therefore, there are a lot of "hard and cool" songs, but on the other hand, there are also a lot of enchanting ballad songs that make you feel sadness. Personally, I prefer the latter type of songs. He is exactly what an R&B singer is.

Naturally, each song in "LOVE & HATE" is of high quality, and the arrangements of any of the songs are also good in some way or another.

I admire the good quality of the arrangements of the hard songs and the mellow songs, as well as the chorus work.

Or how should I put it... before all that, his voice is unique. The good quality of his voice. The skillfulness of the songs. The lyricality of his voice, the uniqueness of his beautiful vibrato... It has that certain "something" that makes the listener's heartstrings tremble. The chord arrangements that are constructed and centered around that voice of his can grasp at your heart.

The song called "With You" which also has a little flavor of AOR is also good, and after all is said and done, "REAL LOVE" is wonderful in its collaboration with Chinese native and global pianist Lang Lang.

He'll grab at your heart from the intro, make you emerge in tears in the interlude, make you feel his strength and sorrow, and when the delicate tone of the piano and Jun. K's lyrical voice become one, you will be engulfed in indescribable emotions. The good quality of his voice -- I think that's the most wonderful thing that appears through this song.

The memory of shedding tears while watching the two perform together on NHK Music Japan on Sunday night...

Such a wonderful performance that I've never seen before on television. Seeing the wonder of Lang Lang's piano playing before my eyes, and once again the expressive power of Jun. K's song, I really admired them.

This is why, in the LIVE DVD, I think I'll try and remember having been deeply moved on that one night at Makuhari.
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Sources: @rb_chiefeditor (1, 2, 3, 4), ameblo, Ranking Box
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what an honor for Jun. K. Being recognized for what he loves doing the most would bring him so much happiness. Congrats to Jun.K and thank you for translating.

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Wowwww after reading his blog....i was like ...floating with proud feeling?? lol so glad that Jun.K received such a good comment like this :D

Thank you for the trans too <3

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so proud of him! i hope there will be many success and regonition from him to all over the world! :3