[TRANS] JUN. K, Announcing First Solo Mini Album

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JUN. K, Announcing First Solo Mini Album 'Exceeding an Idol, Crossing Over to a Musician'

[Note: Roughly translated!]

With the announcement of 2PM JUN. K's 1st Solo Mini Album, he establishes his position as a 'Complete Package' power musician in Korea. With the release of JUN. K's mini album entitled 'Mr No♡' on the 9th of August, his solo promotional activities will also begin. On the 29th, JYPE has revealed a promotional teaser by posting a poster of his solo schedule through their SNS account. From the revealed schedule poster, ahead of the online song release on the 9th of August, it is scheduled that the tracklist, MV teaser, etc. will also be released in order.

A special formal announcement was made that a duet song with the 'Music Chart Queen' Baek Ah Yeon will also be included in the solo album, and will be revealed earlier on the 2nd of August 2016. The meeting between the 'Believed in and listened to, the Music Chart Queen' and the artist who has the acknowledged credibility and ability (JUN. K) is gathering a lot of anticipation.

Up until now, JUN. K's ability has been shown and recognised by producing and being the songwriter-lyricist for 2PM's title songs such as Go Crazy, My House, and many more.

Aside from the fact that JUN. K has been acknowledged in terms of his outstanding singing ability and powerful dancing ability, he has been receiving acknowledgement as an artist and as a musician due to his ability to take charge in playing musical instruments, his ability to perform on his own,and producing and directing his concert, including the choreography.

Although this is the first time JUN. K is releasing a solo album in Korea, in Japan he has already completed his solo promotional activities and evolved into a musician from just an idol.

Both of his mini-albums, 'LOVE & HATE' (released in 2014) and 'Love Letter' (released in 2015) went to #1 in Oricon Chart. He also held the concerts for the respective mini-albums (LOVE & HATE - 6 cities, 10 concerts, and Love Letter - 5 cities, 11 concerts) within two years and ended with success.

It has been reported by an influential media outlet that specializes in music that his first mini album released in Japan was awarded BEST Album, and on top of that, his solo tour in Japan was chosen as one of 2014’s Top 100 BEST Concerts by the editor-in-chief of Japanese media site, Ranking Box. This makes him the only Korean singer to be listed in the list.

As an artist, JUN. K has been acknowledged greatly in Japan. This is mainly due to his distinct sight in music. Along with the fact that JUN. K’s musical abilities have been acknowledged overseas beforehand, the anticipation for JUN. K’s Korean solo album is being received and is growing.

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